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Last Update: October 04, 2019

After various ads popping up on my Instagram feed, I decided to contact one of the people advertising to "improve my life through online business".
I am a stay at home mom, unschooling my child, so working from home is what I would prefer, to bring in additional income for the family.
I must say it was captivating and made me interested. After deliberation and digging deeper in researching the company, I stumbled on reviews regarding the company that I nearly joined. Some reviews were good but one particularyl stood out for me from Roope's youtube video, and I politely declined further interaction with the network marketing sceme I'd been attracted to. Reading more of Roope's work and discovering Wealthy Affiliate I am eager to see how I can make money working online. I have tried it before on my own and it was hard and felt lonely.

From what I see through the community spirit on Wealthy Affiliate I may have found the help I need to gain understanding, experience and financial gain through working online.

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klchang Premium
Welcome, Colette, to Wealthy Affiliate.
You have come to the right platform to learn how to build an online business. You should have gone through some of the lessons. Why not continue with the rest? All the best to you and your loved ones. Happy learning.
Thank you :) I have started the lessons and will defo continue with them over the next few days :)

Have a great weekend