Google search console says blocked urls with robots.txt?

Google search console says blocked urls with robots.txt?

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Hi folks.

Recently I noticed a message on my Google search console saying severe health warning on my property. When I click on check health property it takes me to one

Hey Leonard,

Once you've checked your robot.txt file as Zsolt suggested... and if you find you have not listed that URL there... maybe check to see if you accidentally checkmarked "NOINDEX" "NOFOLLOW" under that post's edit window in the All In On SEO options.

Hope you find this helpful.

Best is to ask site support to correct that for you...

Thanks Fleeky

I understand that you've managed to identify the URLs that are blocked by the robots.txt file

You simply need to delete those lines from the robots txt file to allow the access for the crawling bots

Thanks Zsolt. Will try and work on that and see how I go.

Before anything else, create a backup of your original robots txt file!

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Could I get a true opinion of my getting started page?

Could I get a true opinion of my getting started page?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

Hi friends.

Could I get a critique of my getting started page

Well presented; two points. You could use a sidebar to give added variety to your site structure and you introduce WA as the target objective late which can be a wise way to build up interest before unleashing the CTA!

Thanks Michael. I appreciate your input. Will work on that

I like the way you write. I read it all the way to the end including the links BUT that is because I'm interested in how you put it together to learn from it myself.
However, a reader on the internet might be reluctant to read beyond the first two or three paragraphs.
The organisation I was attached to when I worked overseas required a quarterly blog update. We were strongly advised to write one A4 page of content maximum, as people don't read more than that, if that. The first Headline, image and paragraph needs more grab.
I'm a newbie here at WA so don't take my advice to heart. I could have this all wrong. Plus, I don't know what the requirements are for Bootcamp websites. Sorry, if I'm just confusing you more, please ignore.

Any advice is good advice and I am glad you chipped in. I put this out because I wanted to improve on it. I will certainly take your point into consideration. Many thanks indeed.

Wow, nicely done. It covers everything. Hope it brings you much success in your business.

Thanks Tammy. Much appreciated

I think it looks great! :-)

Thanks John. Much appreciated

Pleasure :-)

Too generic. Too many people doing these reviews so you need to stand out. What is it that makes yours better than the hundreds if not thousands of others I have seen? Your big picture looks generic too. Nothing too appealing. You have good writing skills but its the same ol bla bla bla, then try my program. Might work if not everyone else was shooting for that #1/spot. I think you need to be original and think out of the box for people to show any interest. Just my opinion and we know about those. I do think you have some good writing skills and you're content is formatted well. I know I'm being kind of harsh and if its working for you ignore what I say. It could be as simple as changing a picture or headline to make it more appealing.

No, I don't think you are being harsh at all. That's the reason I asked for a critical opinion. I want to make it better. Thanks for being open about it. I really do appreciate that.

As for changing a picture or a headline how would you suggest I go about?

I like your style. A few minor points

Am here to help you along the way. = I am here
Link the lesson 1 image to the lesson 1 training here with your affiliate link

Thanks Loes. Much appreciated.

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How do I increase my font size in mobile view?

How do I increase my font size in mobile view?

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Website Development & Programming

Hi folks. I've on this all day. Am using the tempera theme on my site. It looks great on desktop but as soon as we go to mobile, my body text fonts are too small. Tried a few p

This should help

Thanks Marion! Missed that training somehow. Liked and saved in my grey mass:))

Hi, Marion. Tried adding the code but nothing happened. Thanks anyway.

Try to find something like this in your CSS
You can increase the size by adding more %

But first, open a rest website to play around with

Thanks Loes. Will give it a go.

Hi Loes. It didn't work. Am thinking it's got to something to do with the theme. Thanks anyway. Will keep trying

You have a test website, to practice, I hope?

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I can't seem to access my site?

I can't seem to access my site?

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Website Development & Programming

Hi, everyone. What a frustrating day this has been. I logged in to my site this morning and I couldn't access my site. I've even tried restoring the site from a backup which I

You will have to contact support. They will sort it out for you.

Hi John. Thanks for the follow and best of wishes in your business. Any idea how I can contact support?

Here's the link:

Hit the blue site-rubix button and site support will come up in the menu :-)

Managed to sort out. Thanks John

Awesome! :-)

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How to remove google fetch redirect?

How to remove google fetch redirect?

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Search Engine Optimization

I've tried removing the google fetch redirect but can't seem to get anywhere. I've even tried to edit the wp-config.php in filezilla but I am still getting the redirect message

Would this article be of any help?

Hi Loes. I followed up on his article and went in and edited the wp-config.php by adding this code. Am not sure what i missed cos is still didnt work. Thanks

and when you remove the slash at the end?');

Hi Loes. My problems just got bigger. I can't seem to access my site at all. I dont know what I touched!!!

Send in a support ticket to site support for help Leonard

Thanks Loes

Thanks Loes! I will try this, this evening. Lynne

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