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G'day all

Well I am an Australian (male obviously :P) I love basketball and cooking and I am currently undertaking a bachelor of business in international restaurant and hotel management at Le Cordon Bleu in Adelaide. I hopefully would like to continue my studies to obtain a masters in molecular gastronomy in the next 5 to 7 years.

Updated 2009:
Well I have grasped the idea of affiliate marketing and now I have moved into a house with my gorgeous partner and together we are having a great time. I am currently devoting 20 hours to affiliate marketing per week on top of my 80 hour work schedule. i am loving every moment of this online journey and hopefully the roller coaster of ups and downs will never end! however i am considering in getting professional training from a campus institution about internet marketing to further my knowledge and understanding of the online market and how I can further benefit my friends/customers.

At the moment I am working on using Affiliate Marketing to pay for my College course of $60,000. I will keep you all up to date on how it's going in my blog.
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undercover Premium
Hi How are you? I have added you as my buddy.

I see that you work in an hotel with a French name ! You're welcome ! :-) If I can help you, don't hesitate.
Good luck to you,
College Student Premium
Hi Mike thanks for the warm welcome hope to make a community for students here would be pretty awesome
MarenFF Premium
Hej and welcome to WA. Hope you find everything you need to be able to make the money you need to pursue your goals. If I can help in any way, just give me a message. /Maren
College Student Premium
hey Maren thanks for the offer of help i might just take you up on it sooner or later :P
hope i can offer advice back as well!
nexteinstein Premium
G'day mate!

Been through your 101 Squidoo lens and was dumbfounded. Some really great insights into IM and motivation. It just made me do a complete 360. I fall into the quality section trying to perfect things that in the end I have nothing to show for it. Plus I really sweat the little things that there is no room for the rock. Thanks a mill. You have the honor of being my first buddy!
College Student Premium
just reading your reply on my profile made me all tingly inside. I am glad i can help you so much i will be posting up more squidoo's soon. lol i better start thinking about optimising some of them for money so i can pay for it all :p. Might be a good idea. Although i am glad i could help out, i also have a resource in the share zone about how to set up an article marketing campaign, hope that might be of use to you you can visit it here;
Kirst Premium
Cool aim and BIG reason for being an affiliate marketer.
it can be done - i am not there yet,but on my way
just had my FIRST sale after being here for 2 months!
now just got to apply what a i learned to a more profitable campaign
just stay focused and try not to get pulled in too many directions.
perhaps start with bum marketing to save money, but it might take longer
if you like to write then WRITE WRITE WRITE and learn the tricks to get your articles out there on PAGE 1
all the best
College Student Premium
thanks for the vote of confidence