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Exactly one week ago today, I posted a blog about the state of COVID-19 in my country, Ghana. At the time of writing that post, the official confirmed cases stood at 6 persons.I termed it "desperate times" for my nation.Today, exactly one week later, the official confirmed cases stands at fifty-two (52)! Fifty are positive and alive. Two are dead!I really don't know how to term the situation now...It's scary to think of what will happen in a month from today. We have taken strict measures. The
March 22, 2020
Level 2 done and dusted!!!????Wealthy Affiliate is AMAZING!!!For the past week I wake up each morning knowing exactly what I need to accomplish for the day, and when I do, the satisfying feeling that follows is beyond words. I keep reminiscing about where I was just over a week ago and the personal progress I'm seeing in my life ever since then. It's not been an easy ride. Working full-time and still finding the time to work on my website has been extremely challenging. I'm sure so many others
BOOOYAAAAAAAA!!!!Guys help me sing; " Happy day, oh happy day..."Your boy just got indexed on GOOGLE!!!Next comes ranking and then traffic!!!Man this means so much. Less than 10 days ago I was just a regular Joe. Now I'm on Google baby!!!Ok, still one step at a time. We got this. Just wanted to share this with y'all.Cheers everyone.
The literal meaning of this proverb is that the strength of a chain is limited to that of the weakest link in the chain. Even if the other links on the chain are strong, the strength of the chain depends on the weakest link.Have you ever seen the movie "300"? For those who haven't, the story takes place in 480 B.C., between Persia, led by King Xerxes and Greece, led by Leonidas, king of the Greek city state of Sparta. Now even though Leonidas went into battle with only 300 men, many believe he
Crazy is an understatement in describing the last couple of weeks or months and the unfolding events taking place all over the globe. Depending on where you are, the effects of this virus may have altered your daily activities at a different time from others. I live in Ghana, West Africa and it was only until last week, before we recorded both of our first confirmed cases of COVID-19 (two foreign nationals who had flown into the country tested positive).Before both cases were announced, the cou
It's five days today since I joined Wealthy Affiliate. Five days of experiencing something completely new in every sense of the word. So I finally asked myself today; Is Wealthy Affiate really worth affiliating with?My simple answer...? ABSOLUTELY!!!My name is Emmanuel and I'm from Ghana, West Africa. You can call me Codjoe. My desire to start my own online business started when I began college. But it was never going to be easy and I knew that. Or at least I thought I did. Sometimes as individ
March 15, 2020
Just completed the Online Entrepreneur Certification course!!! Woooo-hooooo!!! I'm so charged up for what's to come. Moving on to LEVEL 2!!!Here's to everyone who's utilising the amazing tools here at WA to build a highly successful online business. We are going to make it guys! The DRIVE continues!!!Cheers!Codjoe