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May 18, 2019
Have you ever tried to offer comments on a website, read it thoroughly, gathered inspiration from it,wrote your comments, but when you tried to submit your comments, you loss the page, when you do find the page you try to submit the typed comments,without reopening the site; to be confronted with a notice in red stating -before you submit comments you must first visit the site.What is your next move?Has anyone ever had this experience?
Is is fair to offer comments on a subject that is out of your comfort Zone? I tried to pay it forward by offering a comment, but the site available was out of my comfort zone. I tried skipping in order to select a site I could be more helpful with, but it didn't work.I am interested in hearing a dicscussion on the topic.How can you be at your best when offering comments?
May 14, 2019
The old versus the newAfter using my old MacBook Air for over six years I am reluctant to abanndon it, eveything seem so smooth and easy.I am not sure If and when to write in pages or Text Edit alias or whether I should download my old Word program where I can see all the tools necessary at my convenience.Can any experience Mac user offer some advice on how best to make the move from Macbook 2012 to MacBook 2019?should I download a free Word software?
We here in Anguilla are experiencing unusual hot weather and a prolonged drought; for us Climate Change is real. The plants are suffering, even some of the evergreens; the two evergreen plants that are weathering the storm well are the Neem and the sea grape, some of the Neem leaves are turning yellow, but the sea grape looks like it was raining every day.I am a great lover of coconut water, the trees on the island are looking sad, still suffering from hurricane Irma; The only trees bearing co
I was a little tickled a few minutes ago speaking on the phone, to a charming gentleman at an apple store in the USA.Now the deed is already done; I have bought a new computer; but the 2012 computer still works, There is a WIFI issue that I have learn how to manage, but 3 different technicians could not manage to log in to the computer. I did it for them.The apple store tops the bill; He charming gentleman claims they are not allowed to touch vintage computers, he will have to send it to a spe
Learning the truth about health education can be like reading the -fine print- in a contract; or discovering there are different interpretations to the same law.There was confusion concerning the health benefits of coconut oil, eggs and cheese; now they are all listed as health foods, but one must read the fine print, and be aware of certain conditions.We all know of the miracle spice Turmeric, but if you don't read the fine print, you can be wasting your time if you do not add heat and black p
April 25, 2019
I am happy I grew up with cast iron cooking utensils; The inevitable exposure to aluminum and it's danger to human health was an alarming discovery.The debate is still going on as to its link to Alzheimers and a host of other diseases, but as the saying goes-"There is no smoke without fire"The good news is we can avoid some of the exposure by our choice of cooking utensils; I have just completed some research for one of my websites; but every one should do a little research on the topic, if th
I have been operating a brick and mortar business for the last 50 years; A stroke in 2013 forced me to turn to the computer; the fear of not physically able to continue producing my art was real, so I created 2 educational websites in the hope of creating an alternative source of revenue; it has been the most challenging exercise of my life, but I have not given up. The stroke did not end my creative ability or the brick and mortar business; now I am discovering that about 50% of my sales in th
I am aware that I have not been very active on the websites lately; but today I wanted to insert an internal link with a article I wished to publish.Would you believe it was a challenging exercise?,The URL shown in Safari did not have the title in the search bar, it just displayed -my.wealthyaffiliate- I tried Chrome and the URL showed a number rather than a title.However the link worked in Chrome.Have there been changes in the system? Why should there be a difference between Safari and Chrome
Do You Still Use Aluminum Foil, Pots and Pans?A few weeks ago a friend sent me a YouTube video warning about the dangers of ingesting Aluminum and the risk of Alheimers Disease.No doubt the video scared the hell out of me and I did have a second look to see if there was any foil or aluminum cookware in my pantry.The video also started research on the topic.It would appear it all started in 1970 when a Canadian researcher published a study stating that he had found high levels of aluminum in t