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During my earlier days at WA, Classrooms were one of the greatest tools for learning and helping others, and still is.My apologies for the long break, but circumstances robbed me of the necessary time, Time is still a challenge, but I intend to sacrifice some time for continuous engagement.On my last attempt to engage and help others, I discovered a small issue.In an effort to maximize time, I went direct to the button -Unanswered- in classrooms- hoping to offer help with questions or issues w
June 15, 2019
Do you think teaching the genetic history of man kind in schools around the Globe could contribute to -Building a better World?
Having an Online merchant store is very challenging for third world countries when it comes to receiving money.First we have to have a creative US address associated with our account; this raises questions of a social security number and US taxes.What do you do when you cannot confirm your information to a PayPal account because you cannot fill in the social security number when you are not a citizen or resident of the USA and do not have one?I can send money anywhere, but to receive money, it
The business models for businesses in the future are staring us in the face; we know what is coming, self driven cars, Taxi companies that owns no cars, hotels that own no buildings, manufacturing plants without employees, legal and health services without doctors or lawyers.Computers will be more intelligent than humans.The employment rate is declining because many people are no longer looking for work.Many new jobs are waiting to be filled, because people are not trained to fill them.Who is
June 01, 2019
I know A lot has happened during my break from WA; since returning I have not been able to find classrooms; Are they still a feature of the WA, if so Where can I find the platforms?
May 31, 2019
May 30th is when Anguillians celebrate Anguilla Day, and has been for the last 52 years. The tiny revolution separated the Island from St.Kitts & Nevis-"The mouse that roared"-A major activity is a round the Island boat race that can take up to seven hours, boat racing is the national sport.I followed the race once, in a motor boat years ago, and was as sick as a dog.A wasp was hovering too close to my body as I carved hearts in the cool overcast day from 7am to 2 pm, in time to watch the
I just read where 95% of affiliate Marketers fail, the main reason for the failure is invested time. How does one start a business? I have had several businesses over the last 50 years, but each time there was a start uf cost even when I was producing the products. I also had to prepare a business plan. Affiliate marketing is free, all you need is the time. Your start up cost is your WA membership, you must have a website and a hosting company. don't not be guilty of under-capitalisation.My goo
May 25, 2019
This is one of 3 games I have designed, it all started in 2013 after my first stroke; I was so scared that I took up computer training via WA to create a series of brain exercises for stroke victims like myself, to test ones cognitive function; that led to other brain exercises for critical thinking students.Word stitch is simple and fun, for testing your vocabulary and spelling ability, play it at family gatherings, in schools, colleges or other forums.How many four word sentences or headlines
May 24, 2019
I have been working 5am to 5 pm for a few days to create gift items for 2 incentive groups visiting the Island; I am thankful for the business, but there is a downside.The bulk of our tourists at present are incentive groups from different corporations, unfortunately there are planned activities for everyday. I wish the organizers would meet with the business community and other stakeholders to see how all can benefit.How would you like to spend your holiday on a tourist destination with 35 bea
A recent experience made me aware of how much we fear the Internet.I am in the process or recruiting the services of an App developer for a new word game I have designed.An investigation was conducted and I selected a reputable International company with an office in India.During the ongoing process, including many emails, exchange of documents and telephone conversations; something strange happened that knocked me off my feet.The employee in charge of the project, communicated with me via his