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MIT"s Future FactoryTwo Sundays ago an episode was aired on my favorite TV weekly program - 60 Minutes, If you are still in your youth or with a young family, you should definitely view the episode; you might learn a thing or two about the future.If you are bored in school and has a crazy idea, you might send in an application, the crazier the better.Can you imagine searching the Internet with your brain, or having the complete computer in your brain? Schools as we know them today might be an
July 22, 2019
Flooding Infrastructure in the NetherlandsAs long as we have regular TV in the home, we will watch 60 minutes at 7pm Anguilla time, on Sunday evenings . In my opinion it is one of the most important weekly programme on TV.; my plan is to highlight my story of the week, every week from here on.One of the stories aired on Sunday night was about the flooding infrastructure in the Netherlands and featured the only water Ambassador in the World Henk Ovink, who is now consulting with the city of Hobo
I am not comfortable with the size of images uploaded from my computer, even when croped, they still appear too large.Is there a formula for reducing the size to ones satisfaction?
July 18, 2019
When I took a break from my activities on WA, I had reached the top 50; It was painful watching my rankings drop down, way down, but i stuck to the goals I had set and tried not to notice.It was a hard fight back and the challenges have not gone away; but I am spending a little more time paying it forward and keeping in touch as much as possible.WA is a great platform and I am happy to be back in the top 200, just hope I can stay there.Greetings to all from Little Anguilla; I guess you saw us i
July 16, 2019
I happen to be conducting some research for an article for my wesite, and was shocked and very excited to see one of my articles was on page 1 in the searh engine.perhaps I should check analytics often; I seldom do.
Some interesting points were raised in relation to the previous blog on Liberatus beating the best poker players.Last night I was reflecting on the rapid development of AI; but we must admit there are pros and cons.One thing I have observed that whenever the statistics on jobs are announced, we either hear people have stopped looking for jobs, or there are more unfilled jobs than jobs lost, Why is that?AI has offered up many new jobs, but no one is looking out for the people, there is no agency
July 12, 2019
I wrote a blog a while back asking the question-Who is looking out for the people?It the blog was the suggestion that one day computers would be more intelligent than humans.Someone disaggreed with me.Tuomas Sandholm, a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon University believe that he would ever in his lifetime see a computer that can beat the worlds's best poker players ; but Sandholm along with student Noam Brown just developed AI software that just did with their creation LiberatusMy
My new MacBook AIr is so sensitive that I don't always have to click on a page, just pass the mouse over it. This leads to many errors; many times it's not the page I need.Are you experiencing the same problem? or is my touch too heavy?
Will creating useful chemical building blocks from valorisation through biotechnological processes bring a halt to climate change? The research sounds great, we have seen great research put to negative use in the past; This could be a massive boost to building a better world; we can only hope that the money disease does not stand in the way.I can only hope that our top scientists keep track of any negative developments.Kudos to the researchers."A stitch in time can save Nine".Awareness of thi
One of my sons told me he has no intention of bringing a child into this world; I know of several other young people who share his sentiments.Who is guarding the house?If you have been following the global news, you must be concerned.Climate change is having its impact the world over; scaricity of water, heat waves, coastal erosion, floods, melting glaciers and more.To top it all, a report by Oxford Economics predicts that up to 20 million manufacturing jobs could be lost to robots by 2030; thi