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Are you experiencing technical difficulties with your website?Last week I spent hours trying to understand why I was getting a notice on one website when making a new posting; only to find out the problem existed on the other websites.Kudos to WA and Site Support who came to the rescue and asked permission to Deactivate the source of the problem-the plugin Sociable.I have been using Sociable for some time with no problems.On research, I discovered that the plugin was incompatible with the new
I am managing 2 websites that are likely to have equal number of posts and pages,-Blogs and Brain exercises.Another website has blogs and products, this presents a challenge.The issue is deciding which to publish as post and which to publish as blogs, one issue is hiding privacy policy from the list of posts even when it is on a page, with No Indexing and No follow.Thanks in advance.
September 26, 2019
Is it OK to change titles on old posts?I am in the process of writing a series of posts on a particular subject, I have fund a better title fr SEO; should I use the new title for the remaining posts, or can I edit the old posts that have already indexed?Thanks in advance for your help.
Even when I crop Images on a blog post, they are far too large; what is the correct process to have the images on a blog post an acceptable size.Editing is possible in writing Content, but not sure of the process on a blog. you can crop but not reduce the complete imageanyone experiencing the same issue?
September 24, 2019
The first time I touched a computer without the help of Wifey or an employee was in 2013. At that time I was paying a website developer to Design and manage a business website.After suffering a stroke, I was forced to use the computer to research information about my condition and find ways to exercise the brain.It required learning about the computer, online arketing and how to manage the existing website, paying for service was becoming too expensive.After months of searches and a couple un
September 03, 2019
Today I spent one hour trying to contact two international companies with different unique problems, with no success, my problem did not fit any of the set issues offered, and I could not fill in either of the set forms, because I do not have a USA social security or tax number, yet one of the companies has a local agent and local customers.I have never used a credit card machine and do not intend to. The one service station on the Island just lost my faithful business, because they just went
I try to make it a routineT to visit classtrooms at least 5 days aweek,for two specific reasons, to pay it forward by helping others, and to receive new training.The request for answesr with zero to one or two responses are my choice for offering help. Then reading through the multiple responses or particular questions of interests are an opportunity for new learning.It saves asking quetions that have alreay been answered.Today one question that was asked and answered might be of interest to al
Days after posting an image on social media, there were positive comments posted including two that said "i want one"one was directed towards a friend who was visiting the Island, with directions as to where to find the Brick and Mortar business.The following day the vivitor came to the gallery and spent $450.00; the same day another visitor who saw the image on social media visited the gallery and spent another $100.00 .This has been a repeated occurance that demonstrates the unique relationsh
I have observed that automatic correctios does not work some times when you are checking for spelling, grammar, etc.on wa- ABCThis seem to happen after a broken sequence, the correction shows up, but clicking on it does not work.Is there a rule or set procedure in using the WA tool?
August 14, 2019
I have been doing my best to introduce friends and aquaintenaces to the WA platform; many of whom are struggling financially and would love to learn affiliate marketing, or rid themselves of a nine till five job.The ones that have accepted the challenge could not afford it, or thought it was a quick fix.The free membership is great if you are an IT expert.But the majority just could not afford, and that seems to be true for many people.It is amazing how many people all over the world are livin