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November 14, 2019
I am always hesitant to use a key word search that reads- <10 < 10 on the first line, which always show Great in green Is that keyword search the best for getting on the first page in Google. or how should I interpret it?Please share your thoughts. .
November 05, 2019
Some of us for one reason or another are unable to watch Jays live broadcast; however there are times when watching the recorded broadcasts, we might want to ask a question.Not wishing to over work Jay, it is possible for a limited number of viewers of the recorder broadcast be afforded the opportunity to ask a question, maybe the first 10 viewers or a set convenient number ?Maybe it is just me, if not say something.
Anyone having issues editing in content after the content was published?On more than one occasion, after publishing an article, i saw the need for editing, content was revisited and edited version completed, but did not show up after clicking publish again.Is it possible to edit in content,if so what is the procedure?
October 24, 2019
Has anyone discovered the secret to ABC as yet?This was mentioned previously, but no answer was forthcoming.It must have something to do with the sequence; after a while the error will show up, but clicking on it would not work, as is normal; you have to type in the correct word and click -use this.There has to be a secret in the sequence, maybe the way you handle a particular correction.What is your experience, have you found a correct sequence, or what not to do?Please share.
October 18, 2019
Affiliate Disclosure pageIn relation to my previous blog, I certainly did miss something.Thanks for the links, but I still have some questions.I was not aware of the affiliate disclosure; the only affiliate link on my websites is WA in a widget. Do I need a disclosure page for that?There is only one other link that may appear on other website other than my art gallery site. The products are mine, produced by me; do I need a disclosure page for this also?Sorry for the confusion, just need some c
October 17, 2019
As you might be aware I was away from WA for a period of time.Unfortunately I am still findingg it hard to devote the amount of time to WA activities as Iwould like to .Today I noticed a prewritten template - Affilliate Disclosure- which I may have overlooked. It looks very important.Can someone please tell me where and how you are suppose to use that template.Greeting to all from Paradise, despite the fake news.
I took one look at the topic and had to declare -I have no local business. This is a small Island that struggled for years just to survive.The appreciation might not be there; but my work would not be complete unless I try.Barbados is a much more developed Island with some appreciation for Art; yet it took me 18 years to develop a local market; Until the largest and most popular local Departmental store agreed to offer myself and a weaver enough space to mount a series of exhibitions -right nex
October 08, 2019
This editing platform is a great addition to WA; I normally edit at least 3 times for accuracy verification.There are times when the suggested correction is obviously wrong, Is it possibe that an obvious error can be corrected or removed after being clicked a prescribed number of times.This might help members where English is not their first language.What are your thoughts?
October 05, 2019
My apologies to Word Press, contrary to what I wrote in my last blog-Plugins and compatibility with Word Press.There is a warning at the bottom of each plugin, telling you if it as compatible or not with your version of Word Press. There are 36 plugins on the page where Sociable is listed, but only 3 are compatible with 5.2.3 version. On the other hand, on the page where -Social Rocket is listed, 35 out of 36 plugins are compatible.Assuming as I am told, you cannot revert to a compatible versi
We are prompted from time to update to the latest version of word press.When searching for a plugin, it is advisable to click on details, many times I observe a notice that tells you whether the plugin has been tested for version of word press.Is this the expected process to installing a new plugin?What happens when an installed plugin becomes incompatible, Is there a notice posted anywhere?My perception was that all plugins listed are compatible with word press updates, this was arrived at af