Plugins and compatibility with Wordpress

Last Update: October 02, 2019

We are prompted from time to update to the latest version of word press.

When searching for a plugin, it is advisable to click on details, many times I observe a notice that tells you whether the plugin has been tested for version of word press.

Is this the expected process to installing a new plugin?

What happens when an installed plugin becomes incompatible, Is there a notice posted anywhere?

My perception was that all plugins listed are compatible with word press updates, this was arrived at after being told I could not revert to the plugin Sociable, after it became incompatible with an updated version of word press.

Final question, are wordpress updates optional, and are there consequences if you do not update?

Thanks for your help.

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accad Premium
It's confusing, all plugins are there and you choose from them. WordPress should have strained the incompatible ones.
I only take consideration of that, this is not yet tested, there are no more hints if a plugin is incompatible.
codevonish Premium
I agree with you, a little red dot showing the plugins that has not been tested would be nice and helpful.
ExpatMark Premium
Always update WordPress. Smarter people than us are running that show.
codevonish Premium
Is there a way of knowing if the plugins among their list have become incompatible as a result of the updates.? Thank you, you are right; they are the Boss.