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Last Update: October 17, 2019

As you might be aware I was away from WA for a period of time.

Unfortunately I am still findingg it hard to devote the amount of time to WA activities as Iwould like to .

Today I noticed a prewritten template - Affilliate Disclosure- which I may have overlooked. It looks very important.

Can someone please tell me where and how you are suppose to use that template.

Greeting to all from Paradise, despite the fake news.

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ecomtom Premium
Hi Courtney, good to see you back. They say to create a page titled Affiliate Disclosure on all sites. Here is the one I use. Feel free to copy if you like. Tom

Note: AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE.  You may see ads and links to various products or services in pages or posts on this website.  These ads and links are affiliate ads and links and I may receive a small commission if you purchase through them.  This is one of the ways I pay for maintaining this site. There is no additional cost to you.
accad Premium
Here is a tutorial by Loes:
JKulk1 Premium
Check out this training. It covers all disclosures. Jim
webcash2us Premium
Yes it's important to have that disclosure on your site. You can access that disclosure in site content writer and publish that page on your site. On the left click websites and then site content writer and select the disclosure and publish it as a page. Check the info in the disclosure after you publish it to make certain it contains all of your site information, as in your sites .com name etc...
I edit and change the areas as needed.
Hope this helps.