Allotting a Little Time For Classrooms

Last Update: June 18, 2019

During my earlier days at WA, Classrooms were one of the greatest tools for learning and helping others, and still is.

My apologies for the long break, but circumstances robbed me of the necessary time, Time is still a challenge, but I intend to sacrifice some time for continuous engagement.

On my last attempt to engage and help others, I discovered a small issue.

In an effort to maximize time, I went direct to the button -Unanswered- in classrooms- hoping to offer help with questions or issues with 0 replies.

Unfortunately some requests for help under the unanswered button, already had several replies.

Can anyone tell me how often the button is updated, or is that an indication of a deeper issue,- namely- the replies did not offer a correct or satisfactory answer?

Please share your thoughts.

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AlexEvans Premium
Hi Courtney, good to see you and I hope all is well.

Sometimes there can be a buffering time lag when either comments or answers are given.

I find at times, refreshing the browser can help.
codevonish Premium
Thanks, Things are hectic and challenging at present; but struggling on in good spirits. Hope all is well with you.
AlexEvans Premium
Things are going well Courtney, thank you for asking, and I have to agree things can get hectic at times,