SiteComments And Building Pipelines

Last Update: October 14, 2018

It's been awhile since my last blog post here, I've been away for some time setting up my business offline (a pharmacy business) and it is only now that I re-emerged here in WA. And honestly, I got stunned by the recent developments inside here.

One of the developments that I like is in WA's SiteComments. It was through a complain type of blog post that I got introduced to the big news about this tool, someone is complaining and I responded with a comment.

Through other people's comments on that blog post, I got reminded of updating my interests, and from there, I saw the new changes... So, I used the search tool here to look for the announcement from Kyle or Carson, and to my surprise, there's indeed an announcement dated October 5, 2018.

So, this is it. We're so happy that finally WA decided to compensate commenters for good comments with monetary compensation. On the other hand, there's that fear that some people might abuse the tool, like using it as their main money making tool.

Do you remember those "get paid to post comments" sites in 2010? Sites like Bukisa, etc.

Fellow WA members, here's my appeal... especially for those who are fond of joining "get paid to" sites (there are plenty of them coming from 3rd world countries):

"Please be reminded that the main reason we are here, is to build pipelines for cash flow. We are not here to haul buckets".

I know you guys are smart. So, I hope you get what I mean.

See water as "cash". You can exhaust yourself hauling buckets of water, or work smart building pipelines for water to flow automatically.

If you solely focus on earning cash giving comments, what do you think you're doing?

I hope you get it...

Good luck to all of us here!

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Eaka1 Premium
Thanks for sharing!
CoachGom Premium
You're welcome. I just followed and leave a comment in your profile. Cheers, and Happy New Year!
JulietAA Premium
Thanks Gomer,
Great advice.
SCash Premium
Hmmm good points Gomer
Hollshope Premium
Great post. Thanks!
StPaul Premium
Thanks a lot for sharing!
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Gomer.
Bald Eagle Premium
Hey Gomer - good post mate.

I too think the new site comments is a great improvement if applied correctly but have noticed a couple of things:

1st off I try not to comment on something I am not interested in - this includes a myriad of things such as sexual problems, breast feeding, baby strollers, women's handbags and other niches I just don't have an interest in. Trouble with the system is if I state "Not interested" i get penalised. And if you are "not interested" in more than 20% then you are failing.

Who can honestly be interested or an authority on 80%n or more of all the possible niches?

Secondly because of the above when I do find something I am interested in I actually go to the trouble to read the post and try to comment as comprehensively as possible. My comments are usually pretty long and detailed.

And the problem with that is they score the same as someone else's "Nice article - I learned a lot about XXXXX"

Thirdly though I try to be nice when someone does give me a "Nice article - I learned a lot about XXXXX" and I thank them for it and wherever possible try to add to my reply (although sometimes its pretty difficult because they don't leave much scope with these sorts of comments).
The reason I try to be nice to people is because if I don't they fall foul of the comments accepted/declined rule.

So what does one do to stop the unhelpful comments - just decline or be nice?

This response to your post is typical of the detail I may go into in a comment (although not usually in a way that reads like a rant).

It would be great if the new system was based on quality rather than quantity but I have no idea how one would police that.

I guess we are entrusted with being our own judges ...
CoachGom Premium
Good points, brother... I just hope this post and your comment here catch the eyes of Kyle or Carson so they can find a way to improve on those loopholes you said.
Bald Eagle Premium
I'm pretty sure they are working on everything all the time based on a priority basis.

Meanwhile the truck needs to keep rolling ...