Know Yourself First Before Starting Any Business Online

Last Update: January 27, 2019

In one of our discussions with friends, we tackled about matching yourself with the kind of business you're starting. A business may look good, but is it for you? Are your skills and resources match what is required to succeed in that business?

Marriage And Business

Although I am not yet married (I'm single), I'm not naive to how successful marriages are established. All my siblings are married, most of my friends are married too, I have observed what works and what doesn't.

Marriage and business are the same.

Some people get excited about marrying someone, only to realize later they're not compatible. Or, in other instances, the person is not "in capacity" hence in court, there's this thing called "psychological incapacity".

When looking at a business opportunity especially on the Internet, some people get the wrong hint that the business they're looking at is for them to take. Then, when the going gets tough, they quit.

Remember The Disclaimers

Have you noticed the disclaimers in most business opportunities out there?

"The results are atypical. You may or may not earn from this business. Success in this business depends on the skills and resources you have, and of course, your work ethics."

I've been in online money-making for more than a decade now, and perhaps I've read or posted similar disclaimer more than a dozen times already.

It's our way of making sure our prospective customers get a clear understanding of what game they are to enter and play. There's nothing nasty than entering a court as a tennis player only to discover that you've entered a court for basketball.

Don't enter the wrong court.

Confident But With Limitation

Maybe this is the first time you hear this phrase. Confident but with limitation.

Have you heard of a person who got some money to start a business, but in no time he blew it all ending up bankrupt?

Someone who is so confident and not being afraid to spend a lot but deep inside, the reality is he's not that ready to handle a business and so he spent it all like a "one-day millionaire"?

I am always reminded of that every time I encounter a guru or marketer that's pitching me to "buy this", "buy that", "get all in", and so forth.

Money foxes love big-spender chickens.

And I hate it when some big marketers label you as a "potential loser" just because you didn't follow blindly the advice to spend more in upgrades and solo ads.

Be confident but with limitation.

Real-life Application

So, you're here, reading this. There are two possibilities why you're here...

...You are either a WA member or someone who's looking at WA wondering what's in here for you.

Just a few clicks away from here, you will find on the Internet blog posts and websites of other marketers pitching heaven and earth just to get your money.

Yes, they may be more attractive like having higher costs so they can afford to pay bigger commissions while ours here is just $49 a month and sometimes free...

...but have you looked inside yourself and ask, "Am I fit for that expensive business opportunity? Do I have the skills and resources to not only get started but SUSTAIN the business over time?"

Only you can answer those questions.

Have an honest assessment of yourself.

Why Did I Post This Lesson?

The reason I posted this is, there are other good income opportunities online other than Wealthy Affiliate's. Some are as good as ours here, and not scams. They're legit too.

Let me cite some examples...

Do you know Robert Kiyosaki? The famous author of the best-selling book Rich Dad Poor Dad?

He partnered with an online guru, they've created a ready-made system for aspiring online entrepreneurs.

The ready-made system includes lead capture pages for any niche you're interested in, with pre-written autoresponder series, and the system is designed to make you commissions from digital products via Clickbank.

I evaluated it and it looks attractive.

But before I got hooked into buying the system, I realized that the price is too steep for me, about $1,000 just to get hold of the system, and probably another $1,000 to be allocated in buying solo ads.

"But $2,000 is peanuts to people in the USA!", a friend exclaimed.

Well, I'm not in the USA. $2,000 is already the price of a second hand car here in the Philippines, and enough to feed a family for a year.

That business system may be good for others, but not for me.

Wealthy Affiliate's $49 per month is the one that's right for me. Plus, there's training that will teach you how to grow your business using free strategies like blogging and SEO...

...a strategy that's according to Nathaniel, generates the highest converting traffic ever.

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accad Premium
Yes, an excellent analogy.
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Thanks for the awesome post, friend! I agree with you that there are so many awesome and legit money making programs online but I've just found WA the most awesome for my business among others. Thanks for the useful post!
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Very well said Gomer I have been guilty of being attracted by shiny objects that sound good offering “done for you” turn-key tools but the price tag was way more than I wanted to spend. I agree with you Wealthy Affiliate for me please.