Blog Comments - How Will You Get Them Outside WA?

Last Update: January 24, 2019

Several months ago, I was discussing with a friend the possibility of canceling my account here. The reason is, my marketing funnel now offers blog hosting and it looks like having two blog hosts would be a redundancy.

Guess what prevented me from leaving?

It's the blog comments.

"How will I get them outside WA?", that's the question that lingered my mind while thinking over the decision. They don't have a system like WA's Site Comments!

Easy Blog Comments Here

When your blog is hosted outside WA platform, you are on your own.

Yes, they can be cheaper than ours here. They can also guarantee you fast-loading websites for you to be liked by Google. And they can also offer tight security like ours.

But when it comes to getting blog comments?

You have to be super good at writing content.

If you are a mediocre writer, or you're just a beginner with "not yet developed" blogging skills and not yet popular, you will find yourself alone in this Internet space.

Oppositely, here in Wealthy Affiliate, I see beginners with not yet developed writing skills get comments for up to 20 comments per blog post. Thanks to our Site Comments platform!

Ways To Get Blog Comments Outside WA

Like I said, it is still possible to get comments if you're hosted outside WA. These are some ways to get them:

  1. Ask your friends and relatives to comment on your blog posts
  2. Become super good at writing content so you get comments from legit readers
  3. Join Facebook groups created for blog posts syndication
  4. Open your blog commenting system to spammers

To me, it's only #2 that I like. Others, forget them.

I remember, prior to discovering WA I was already blogging for the MLM niche.

The way to get comments then was to join blog post syndication groups in Facebook, give comments to 3 blog posts before you can request those 3 people to give comments to yours.

Oftentimes, not all of them reciprocates.

Then, I'll check the comments Que to find spam comments to edit and make them look like legit. (Yes, you can edit them and disable the spam links)

But all of them are nothing compared to what we have here in Wealthy Affiliate!

WA's Site Comments

Here, you just give 2 comments to generate the credit needed for requesting 1 comment.

The system requires the person commenting to really read the blog post or else the comment that will be screened out will not pass through our system's strict "uniqueness verification" method.

Truly legit comments.

And like I said, just give 2 comments and you'll get 1 in return via your credits. It's super easy to have people commenting on your blog posts.

Click here to discover why people love giving comments in WA

When you have all these, how can you leave for other platforms?

Why Comments Are So Important To Me?

Prior to joining WA, I was browsing the websites of those critical to the MLM niche. One is the site of Nathaniel, and the other one is the site operated by writer named Oz.

I looked at them with awe and wonder, "How the heck these guys are getting all those comments? There are too many comments!"

I wished they vanish from the face of the Earth as they are doing damage to my niche. But Google loves them, giving them favor on the top spots for every search results related to MLM.

One of the reasons?


It looks like a lot of people love commenting on their blogs!

When I became a member of WA, I later learned that blog comments are integral part of getting ranked high particularly in Google's SERPs.

Click here for Kyle's explanation why we're so lucky here with Site Comments

Because I Can't Leave, I'll Stay

Several times I pondered on leaving for the reasons that I can now blog using the bonus blogging platform offered by my marketing funnel and this community is critical to my niche (MLM).

But I can't because, I don't know of a substitute to our Site Comments here.

So, I decided to just stay and work around the negative comments I'm receiving via Site Comments from fellow WA members critical to MLM.

The need for blog comments supersedes my irritation of the pesky WA members who, in spite of every explanation I make, that there's a difference between a pyramid and a legit MLM, still keeps on giving me negative comments.

I can work around that problem and just edit them to my liking.

What matters most is, this system is really helpful in getting blog posts to rank by having them lots of comments, I can't find another system that's so close to this.

So, that got me stayed.

Struggling To Get Blog Comments?

If you are reading this and you're not a member yet of Wealthy Affiliate, I encourage you to dump your current blogging platform and join us.

Dump your host in favor of WA.

Before you cancel your account in GoDaddy, Hostgator, or Bluehost... join us first. See for yourself what I'm trying to hammer here.

Then, when you're convinced ours is the best, transfer all your content here, all your site's files. There are easy ways to move them to here.

Click here to see how others are moving their sites to here

Don't worry about bullets flying over your head, we will cover you. I will help you every step of the way, and there are dozens of other helping hands you can access here via our Live Chat.

See you!

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GauravGaur Premium
Hi Gomer, Great Post on Value of comments through WAP.
As I worked in various MLMs I can feel the pinch of yours, but its life and we need to move on for better opportunities.
The concept of Legit MLM is still of great value for the leaders who have it in their blood.
All the best for your success.
Warm Regards,
Gaurav Gaur
Israel17 Premium
You are very correct that all the ways people get comments to their sites outside WA are nothing compared to the way we receive comments to our sites here. WA is really awesome and great. Wish the community continued success! See you at the top of the online world.
CoachGom Premium
The uniqueness verification alone is unmatched.
jvranjes Premium
As far as I know there are commenting platforms out there, just search a bit. Check with the phrase '3rd party commenting systems' or 'commenting platforms'.
CoachGom Premium
Thanks for the info. But I like ours here, as it is super easy to use.
CoachGom Premium
I searched for it, and the ones that only showed up are systems like Disqus, IntenseDebate, and LiveFyre... all of which are great but they're not designed like WA Site Comments which is a "comment-getting platform".
jvranjes Premium
It is up to you, I am not using any of them and this holds for WA comments as well, I rely on genuine comments by visitors.

But I had an impression that you wanted to have another option.
CoachGom Premium
Initially, I was looking for another option, as I wanted then to move my site to another hosting platform (PLS Power Blog). But the thought that it will be harder to get comments when you are hosted outside WA prevented me from leaving. Now, I'd rather stay here because of the "get comments" platform we have here. I was asking to myself, "How am I going to rank high in Google without those comments?"
jvranjes Premium
Comments are not essential for ranking, can claim this from my own experience. Most of my top ranked posts, I mean number 1, are without any comments. But in any case, now you realize the fine way how WA hooks you to stay.
CoachGom Premium
Haha . Wow, you got me thinking.


I read somewhere (outside of WA) that getting comments signals Google that your site is "interesting" to users, thereby contributing to ranking.

Plus, Kyle said it indeed helps. You got me thinking about that.

But anyway, I will stay here anyway. At least, I'm getting leads and customers via WA Site Comments. :)
jvranjes Premium

After more than 1200 published posts, this is what I know for sure. Yes, having comments cannot be bad, but remember this is just one out of more than 200 signals. I have no time for WA comments system, bad experience with people rejecting comments, so better publish new posts than waste time on writing comments.

Wonder how you get customers through WA comments, are those WA members?
CoachGom Premium
I'm in the MMO niche, so some guys from here who are looking for alternatives sometimes test my offers. I see them sign up as "opt in leads" and then "customers". But those are just bonuses to me, as my primary goal is to make the site look active by having lots of comments so as to attract more readers and followers.