Give thanks today even if you don't like Thanksgiving ! Because......

Last Update: November 28, 2013

Hello all, My title is that because we all will reap what we sow, it is a universal law. So, Sow some thanksgiving and give thanks for all that is good in your life and it will be a harvest to you and you can reap it soon. I have had a great life and Wealthy Affiliate has add much to it. I thank all here that ever help me with any thing,every reply the good and not so good has helped me ----so I thank all for it.

I thank my all my family members for all things they have added to my life.

I thank all my friends who have added to my life.

I thank all the ones who may not like me so much as well and wish the best for them

I thank most the ONE who is my biggest and over all of my everything-- My God and his son Jesus for their care of me and my family.

I miss those of my family who has gone on to be with THEM and my special mother we called ME ME--She was God sent just for me. However, many did get helped by her and she was the one that taught me to be a helper as much as I could when was I young.

I give Thanks today for all of you.

I give thanks for my wonderful wife who has had my back for 38 years now.

So, it is you turn to post and give thanks if you wish-- below.

With a grateful Heart that give thanks.

Ed Cronin


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Trialynn Premium
We should be thankful each and every day for the wonderful blessings we have. I am happy that the US chose to designate a special day for it, but I believe we all should be thankful for more that one day a year!
Smokey and I Premium
Yes we can't be to thankful. And I agree we need to every day . Being thankful is very humbling and can help us to stay focused on priorities. Thank you all for this successful WA site that we all can learn from. Here also we reap (learn) as much as we sow (help others to learn). Thanks all !!!!!
georama Premium
Well thanks for your woderful trainings and your writings.
christine2 Premium
Thank you for sharing and reminding us, I really appreciate it!
In South Africa we do not celebrate thanksgiving.
But thank you for reminding me to give thanks with a joyful heart!
mackiejw Premium
Thanks Ed. Nice reminder of the important things in life.
cld111 Premium
Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for many things in my life daily. From my family to WA to the perfect blades of grass in my lawn. Sometimes I forget to notice the smaller things though. Thanks for reminding me to give thanks to everything, big and small. :)
OldCodger Premium
G'day, Ed!

"We don't celebrate "Thanksgiving" as a holiday in the land of OZ.

Would it be such a terrible thing if every day, we gave thanks for what we have?

Not just all the latest gizmos, the clicks, the hits, the sales - but all the things that money can't buy. Family. Friends. Our companion animals. They and we could be gone by the time the next "official" day comes around."

That was my reply to a recent blog by Labman on the subject of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving - don't just restrict it to one day of the year.

Thanks for your thoughtful post, Ed.

:) george
AnnieB Premium
There is always so much to be grateful for. I do a gratitude list every day. Like
Animate, I include so many of the "basics" - food, water to shower with, being able to walk, clothing, etc. I sure don't have the best money can buy. But I have, when others do not. Yes count your blessings and don't take anything for granted. A wonder message, Ed.
msdj8163 Premium
I give thanks for opportunities in life that I would never have without the guiding hand of the Lord. I am thankful for my family even if they drive me crazy at times. I am grateful and thankful to have a great group of friends that support me in life's ups and downs. The ultimate thank you is to the Lord who gave up his son so that we may have eternal life. Thank you for sharing. Debbie
SamTea Premium
Amen to that.
And thank God for what we have in this life.
Happy Thanksgiving to you Ed and all members of WA.
Animate Premium
Good on you, Ed! I agree totally - we must 'Count our Blessings' daily.
Focusing on all that is good in our life makes us much happier, and healthier, people.
If we give thanks for the 'good stuff' in our lives, the Universe will deliver more of it.

I am thankful daily for even such basics as a cosy bed, roof over my head, food in the fridge ... ... To us they are 'basics', but many people the World over do not have even these, and in many cases their environment is insecure, violent and dangerous.

We are so LUCKY!
tntgoodrich Premium
Despite relatively recent family tragedies - physical and economic, I still give thanks every day. When I began to do that a couple of years ago, I strongly believe it's what has given me a new optimistic lease on life. I think that WA has definitely added a new facet to mine and my family's life as well.
kws123 Premium
In all things give thanks...