Why I Upgraded To Premium

Last Update: October 11, 2015

Two weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to reenter the world of Online Marketing having recently stepped down as Head Coach of a local football team on a volunteer basis in my spare time.

By pure chance, I came across Wealthy Affiliate. Without hesitation I joined, acutely aware that I was onto something potentially life changing.

Even as a free member, the information available here is good enough to start an online business. However, I realised that if I was truly serious about earning a substantial income online, I needed to invest in an in-depth training programme. Hence, I unstintingly upgraded to Premium membership.

The Premium membership is quite frankly a no brainer! There is a wealth of information that is available at the click of my mouse under this membership. It will take me a while to assimilate all the information I require to really get going. But I am happy to adopt a patient, disciplined and methodical approach to success. I am fully aware as they say that Rome wasn't built in one day.

I am currently working on the creation of my first website which I hope to complete within the next week or so.

I have one key word ringing in my ears from Kyle: Action!

Inaction is a barrier to success. By being part of this community, I now have the required motivation to continue take action and pursue my goal of becoming a full time online marketer.


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shawnsalandy Premium
Congratulations John! You have outlined all the tools to great success and therefore you are well on your way to achieving it.... Cheers!
Sheila50 Premium
Welcome to the community here! You will do great if you follow the training! Congrats on becoming Premium!
Sheila :)
AlanMacLeod Premium
well said John. I will watch your growth with great anticipation.
krazykat Premium
Best Wishes John!
coach-john Premium
Thanks and have a great week.
FarshidR Premium
Well said John, I wish you the best of luck!
coach-john Premium
Thanks for the positive comments. All the best to you too.