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February 06, 2020
A post a while back from The Catherine about purchasing expired and abandoned domain names had me thinking. Yep! That is most certainly a dangerous thing for me! Catherine has been kind enough to share a list occasionally of domain names that have had owners before but are now up for grabs. There have been some pretty great names on those lists.My daughter and I are working on a couple of projects together within WA. So I was on line last night looking around and searching for domain names
I am slowly getting through to respond to all who came to the aid of Mary and her family and shared hugs and prayers, good thoughts and advice to help locate her over the weekend. It is truly heartbreaking to imagine having somebody you love just disappear. After an emotionally exhausing weekend, I'm slowly getting things back on track here. My apologies for a delay in responding to all who were kind enough to check in or drop a note.I wanted to share a quick note from Mary's mother, Dawn.
February 02, 2020
Mary is home! She was dropped off at her family's church just after noon. She is safe. Thank you and bless all who responded to my request for prayers for her safe return. The power of prayer and good thoughts can work miracles. The power of faith in this community is amazing.Here's hoping for miracles in your life as well.Hugs from San Antonio!Christine
February 01, 2020
A good friend of mine's daughter vanished yesterday. No note. No signs of anything amiss. No family fights. No boyfriend. No indication on any of her social media. Her cell phone is turned off.She's just GONE!As a parent, I can't begin to imagine anything worse. Yet I know there are thousands of parents around the world who face this scenario each day.San Antonio is a big hub for human traffickers and coyotes. Police have found more than a few 'safe houses' in the area and last summer,
January 30, 2020
One of my favorite silly movies is 'Little Shop of Horrors'. I don't really know why. It's not all that great, but it's kinda twisted, kinda funny, and the cast is fantastic. The original came out in 1960 with Jack Nickleson. The remake came out in the 1986 featuring Steve Martin and Rick Morainis, and now they are looking to do a remake, yet again! It's just a campy little musical that seems to have become a cult classic, showing up on Broadway, on screen, and probably as a production b
January 28, 2020
Life - it never goes according to plan!Plan A: Work on my WA site, have a happy family, make a fantastic living and give my family an amazing lifestyle, freedom, and a legacy.Plan B: Not Plan A.Plan C: Plan? Who's she kidding?!Plan D: Plan?! I don't need no stinkin' plan!Reality is such a b*%&$!I'm hanging out, writing, reading, listeningto Pandora this afternoon and am caught by the number of posts by our colleagues and friends whose lives have taken a dramatic and unexpected turn ov
January 27, 2020
These guys know what they are doing!Being a fearless flyer takes courage!You have to be brave to do something out of the norm.It takes skill!The pilot has to know how having somebody on their wings affects how the plane acts and reacts. The sky riders must be aware of the plane, how air affects their body and actions.It takes lots of practice!I can't imagine they are able to do this without hours of training and practice.It takes trust!The pilot and wing rider have to trust each other. They h
January 26, 2020
Just a little reminder as we start our weekYou have a 100% SUCCESS RATE!Don't believe me?Think about it....How many challenges have you been through and lived to tell the tale?Yep!ALL OF THEM!!!! 100%!Things may not have turned out exactly as you hoped or expected.You might feel bruised and a bit beaten up. You might feel tired and that you can't go on.BUT YOU CAN! and you will!Cuz YOU AIN'T DONE YET!!!If there weren't challenges along the way, we wouldn't appreciate our accomplishment when
In San Antonio, Texas, where I live, barbeque is akin to a religion. It's right up there with high school football, Astros & Rangers baseball, and the Cowboys (regardless of how their season ends ;-) ) And yes, there really are longhorn cattle and cowboys to go with them! And no, barbeque is not what's on the grill, sorry!! Real barbeque is secret spices in rubs, hours just letting those beautiful rubs and marinades marry the meat. It's just the right wood in the smoker. It is the fi
January 23, 2020
The dictionary would tell you that serendipity is a noun. It means "the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way."I would tell you that serendipity is...the day I became aware of Wealthy Affiliates and made the decision to invest in myself and in my future.Yes, I was looking for something more.Yes, I needed a different path.And, yes, like many of you, I have been down the path of affiliate marketing before only to 'not get it' and therefore not be successful.