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It's been quite a week at Chez' Ketay!My son deployed with his squadron while his wife completed moving them to their next duty station. She started a new job in their next city, getting in an accident on the way to her first day on the job. She's fine. her car is not, but is fixable. My youngest daughter started working with a new lawyer after two years of getting nowhere and stonewalling by the ex's attorney - very stressful. How do you respond to a four year old when he asks 'why doesn'
February 29, 2020
It's how you handle it.Some times you get not just a few lemons tossed at you, you get the whole tree of 'em!And they aren't always ripe. And they hurt when they knock you on the noggin. And they're sour. And you can only handle so many lemons! Lemonade, lemon miringue pie, lemon curd, slices of lemon for tea, and maybe lemon zest.After that, it's just yet another lemon to have to deal with.Sweet Moses, enough lemons! You've had all the lemons you can handle, yet they keep coming!Sometimes
What?! Me making this harder than it needs to be? Surely, you jest!Ummm... yeah....well....probably! I tend to over think things.I tend to feel that I don't know enough to do what I know needs to be done.I think I need to be an expert before I can get really started making money.I think I need to be as good as ___________(fill in the blank). I tend to think there's already so much competition, what could I possibly offer.Then I over think it some more.And then I catch myself....Calling bul
February 26, 2020
Yep! Completely stuck!Now, just six months into this amazing adventure, I have been fortunate to gather a community of 2k souls joining me in my journey. I am truly so very blessed! And even though we may never have met, we know each other fairly well, by now. We've cheered each other's successes. We've comiserated on bad days. I know you've got my back and I hope you know I've got yours.The folks sharing this journey have brought more to my life than I could ever have imagined. My life
Time does fly when you're having fun!I received a note today from our good friend Tim McKinley that I have been hanging out in the wonderful world of WA for a whole 6 months. How cool is that?! It doesn't seem like that long. At the same time, it seems like forever.I had hoped to have achieved some significant milestones by this point when I was at day 1. Silly me!!!!! Reality generally has other plans. But I have made some incredible strides and progress. Is it what I wanted? No. I'm
February 24, 2020
Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away.... when I worked with events on college campuses, we hosted the Chinese Golden Dragon Acrobats. They are seriously an amazing and talented group of people. Their muscles had muscles. And to do what they did, all with a smile and usually in very difficult situations always had me in awe. The strength, coordination and level of concerntration their stunts require is incredible. One misstep or loss of concentration and somebody is going to get hurt
February 23, 2020
It's easy to do a good job. Good is simply being approved of or meeting the criteria - or so the dictionary says. Sometimes, that is as easy to do as simply showing up. Being great? That is a whole other level - considerably above average. Why does it matter? Isn't good - good enough? It depends. The Top Gun pilots are way beyond just good, as are the pilots that fly with the Blue Angels. Good is nowhere near good enough to be part of that amazing group of pilots! These guys and gals
February 19, 2020
One of the best things about being my own boss is that I don't have to interview for the job. It's mine! I hate feeling like I have to 'beg' for a job. I know what I'm good at - and I know I'm good at a great many things at this point in my life. No, I'm not a 20 something, not a millenial, not fresh out of school. There's a bit -ok, more than a bit - of silver in my hair and a few lines around my eyes. I know how to communicate in a cogent sentence without having to add 'like', 'ya know
It's Mardis Gras time here in the southern United States. For the rest of the country, it's a great excuse for a party. For the church community, it is the time of big celebration immediately preceeding the fasting and penitence following Shrove Tuesday that lasts until Good Friday, just before Easter.For New Orleans, it is the equivilent of every holiday wrapped up into one and it all settles around food, excess and fun! I joke that I wasn't raised in the South, but I got here as fast as I
February 09, 2020
Every day, we are faces with so many decisions.Which pair of socks to wear - I suggest the clean ones ;-)! And, they should probably match. Which outfit or suit to wear to work. Comfy shoes or dress? What to have for breakfast? Breakfast bar, or bagle? Coffee or tea? Do I need a jacket or a light sweater? And don't even start about what to have for lunch? Then there is every mom's favorite question..... What's for dinner?! I you're like me, at around 10am.... I haven't got a clue! T