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March 25, 2020
I'm sure most of us have never milked a cow. It's really an interesting experience. The cow doesn't seem to mind it, and once you have the rhythm and technique down, it is really kind of a relaxing thing to do. Seeing the bucket of milk go from just a small amount to a nearly full bucket of frothy, warm milk is quite rewarding. I love the sound as the milk squirts into the bucket - so fun. And then, what to do with all that milky goodness? Bring on the chocolate chip cookies!My grandmother
It seems that wherever you are, your world has pretty much shut down. San Antonio starts shelter-in-place quarantine measures tonight at midnight, although we've been encouraged to stay home all week this week. As of midnight, that changes from 'it's strongly suggested' to 'THOU SHALT' with a $1k fine if you're stopped out and about and not 'an essential person' (i.e. first responder, medical, or other exempt employee). And the National Guard will be backing that up. Essential errands - g
March 23, 2020
We've all heard the story of the six blind men who tried to describe an elephant. One had a hold of the elephant's tail. He described the elephant as being a snake. One had his hands on the great, strong legs and described the elephant as a strong tree. Another grabbed a hold of the elephant's trunk and described the elephant as being a rope. Yet another felt a smooth long tusk, and another yet felt an ear and tried to describe it. And another man felt the huge body of the elephant and de
March 23, 2020
A nice cup of tea is one of the most sublime experiences you can enjoy.I'm not a coffee drinker. Except for the occasional glass of iced vanilla foo-foo latte from that oh, so over-priced Seattle-based, can't turn a corner without running into it, ... I really don't like the stuff. It's way too bitter for my taste.Tea, on the other hand... subtle, fragrant, relaxing. And the right cup, made the right way...dare I say close to heaven. Tea - I can drink all day! When I was little and not f
I hope this finds everybody well and managing as best you can where you are. I think we can agree that these are extraordinary times. And I think we can agree that our world will likely be quite difference once this situation resolves, as it will. In the meantime, we are truly in chaos; trying to figure out what is happening, how to stay well and keep our families safe. Many are facing the sudden and unexpected loss of jobs across many sectors. There are so many things we have all taken fo
March 21, 2020
Good morning, my favorite digital friends! I've been kind of quiet around here this week and just felt the need to check in before I move back into my real estate world. I've missed y'all and have been sending good vibes that everybody is weathering the storm ok. What have I been up to? Our renters moved out of our investment property in Alamo Ranch area of San Antonio, so I've been working to get it ready to put back on the market. Some of the repairs are simple wear and tear, but much of
March 16, 2020
that somebody has entered each and every one of us into a game of Jumanji! Seriously! I will bet that your little corner of the world is drastically different today than it was at the start of the month, a few short 17 days ago. And, unless you are a serious prepper, you found yourself staring at empty shelves at the grocery store, just like the rest of us. It is truly surreal! I've joked that I feel like I've awoken in an episode of "The Twilight Zone', or one of the disaster movies. I'm
March 15, 2020
It has been proven that you can create a riot with as few as 12 people. And this recent bout with the Corona virus scare proved the point like nothing I've seen before.Literally around the world, we all seem to be living the same story - grocery shelves cleaned out. People are hoarding things like TP. Who knew that something as basic as toilet paper would become such a commodity! It took three visits to different stores and a kind-hearted staff member who went above and beyond to score a 4
March 13, 2020
The world is an entirely different place this week. We lost a good man on Wednesday, March 6 when my Father-In-Law, Herb Ketay passed away. It is such a strange concept. You're there and the next minute, you are no longer part of this world. And oh, what a hole he has left. Our hearts are broken. Even knowing that Herb's passing was soon to come, it is still difficult to wrap my head and heart around. Herb has been such an incredible presence in our family and our lives. And yes, 'good
March 09, 2020
Oh where!? Oh, where has my not so little post gone?! I saved it methodically throughout writing it. Finally finished at nearly 800 words. And, if I do say so, myself, it was a really good one. It was important! Not only would it have been #150, a nice milestone, but it was dedicated to Mike's dad, Herb, whom we lost last Wednesday. Not unanticipated, but difficult, nonetheless. And I had this great picture of Herb with my husband and son. Hit the button to add the picture and the whol