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Oh, that elusive concept called success!You work so hard and so long. You learn so much, yet you just aren't quite there. You can see it. You can smell it. You want it sooooo bad! You reach out for it, but it keeps slipping just that much further away. You work and work and not getting there yet... you throw your hands in the air and say 'screw it!' I can't do this. It's too hard. I'm just not smart enough. I'm not techie enough! Success is for other people, just not for me.Walking
We all know the story...Cinderella, helped by garden mice, a pumpkin and a magical fairy godmother is able to attend the ball despite her step mother and mean step sisters' best efforts. She becomes the belle of the ball but nobody recognizes her. The prince is spellbound, but the magic all ends at midnight. Hurrying home before the spell ends, she loses one of her glass slippers, the pumpkin breaks into pieces, the footmen turn back into mice and the beautiful ball gown returns to rags. So
August 24, 2020
Today, I am celebrating my first year with WA. Best investment I've made in my business, my future and myself. I can't say I've made $$....yet. But the return on the investment so far has been invaluable. I would have done this just for the relationships alone! My few months absence...yes it was necessary and worthwhile, but man how I've missed y'all!!! As I'm writing this the theme song from 'Hello Dolly!' is playing in my head. So you're stuck with me, cuz I ain't goin' nowhere!! The
August 22, 2020
Oh, the wonderful world of WA! Such an extraordinary learning community. So much knowledge. So much commeraderie. Like minds. Good hearts. Friends. Business partners. Mentors. And the key to a world that many of us didn't even know how to begin to tap into.If you want to start and build a business, you have to make an investment. Wether it's time or money - usually both - nobody gets a free ride! And WA is no different. I truly wish I knew last September what I know now! So many
August 20, 2020
Yeah, this is kind of what my desk looks like - except there is one large monitor and two laptops, both of which are burning through much of the day right now. Definately not a time to slow down by any means.Not sure about you, but Covid has forced me to not only change the way I look at things but to seriously up my game - thus my absence from WA for a while. The investment property - my first venture into being a real estate investor is scheduled to close on September 10. Crossing my finge
July 07, 2020
Yep! I'm back. Been way too long and I've missed y'all! Holy moley! It's been since the end of March since I checked in and it's is absolutely unbelievable all that has happened in just a few short months. And in times like these, family matters more than ever. My WA family matters just as much.I hope this finds you well and having been productive despite the current circumstances. I can't imagine that many of us know somebody who hasn't been affected by everything. It makes what we hav
March 30, 2020
Don't. Several posts of late have me seriously questioning my role and involvement here. Yes, I'm here to learn and build a business and I am doing that. But I have also greatly enjoyed the relationships I've developed with a number of members who have become very good friends through my interactions with the blogs and posts. This isn't my background. I'm a really slow learner when it comes to technology and I'm nowhere near where I wish to be in this arena. So, as I have little to offer
March 29, 2020
But wait! How can it be a party?We're not supposed to be hanging out together - what about social distancing?!As we all experience social distance measures in our little corners of the world, it's amazing how social many of us have become in different ways. People really are social critters for the most part. We need human interaction. We crave human interaction. Show of hands....How many are seriously missing being out and about in our towns and communities? Yeah, me too! As a concierge
March 26, 2020
You might be stuck at home, but you aren't a bear! This isn't the time to hibernate! It's the time to be busy!!! Busy writing, planning, writing, researching and, dare I say, writing?!When I started with WA, I tried to write a blog post here each day. Partly to get used to writing again - it had been a while. But more to develop the habit. We've all heard that it takes 21 days to develop a habit. Now, just over 6 months in, and I've written 161 posts in this forum. I have some catching u
March 25, 2020
You may remember the old Mother Goose rhyme...Jack be nimble! Jack, be quick! Jack jumped over the candle stick.As I grew older, I understood Mother Goose less and less. The rhymes were silly and I didn't get it. Turns out, as I learned more about dear Mother Goose, she was a dark lady! The rhymes refer back to the Black Plague, and all sorts of unhappy things. Wow! I would hate to learn that Grimms Fairy Tales have a crumb of truth behind those stories!!! Yikes!!!But dear, Jack! He r