I made a HUGE mistake!

Last Update: November 19, 2020

Yep! I gotta own it!



Serious error!

Can't believe it!

I didn't follow my own advice!

What on earth was I thinking?!

How could I do such a thing?

And now you're wondering just what in the heck I did!


Well more like stepped away. I was AWOL!

But it was a huge mistake!

Writing is a skill and art that must be practiced!

Especially when you're writing for a purpose as we do on our blogs, these posts. We have to be able to connect with people throughour writing. And that's hard to do when you're not writing regularly. Oh, I've been writing. Business plans, proposals and contracts, but it is absolutley not the same thing - and nowhere near as fun or cathartic as writing here. When I started, I wrote a post daily. My laptop was at the kitchen table and I would write while I had breakfast. It was my WA time. Of course, it was usually nearly lunch time when I stopped and went on to other things. I made the mistake of taking action for progress and I got wrapped up in rankings. Just a hint for the new folks... don't worry about it. It doesn't reflect how much you know or have learned. And it sure doesn't feed your bank account. I've gone from the top 10 to... what is my ranking today..... 4k????? Not a big deal, but it used to be. It was validating and it enabled me to become seriously engaged. But I mistook being engaged with progress. Yep! Another mistake!!

When you step away from the fire, you get cold!

I have friends here and I value those relationships dearly. With all that's going on in the world right now, I don't know about you, but I need those more than ever. I've truly missed my friends around the world!!! And worse, I have not been available for my friends when they may have needed support. I hope you will forgive me.

Learning is never a bad thing

And the only way to learn is to be engaged. You have to be actively involved. Back in the day, the learning model I used was 'tell, show,do'. I would discuss the concept, demonstrate it and then let the students do it, guiding as needed. It works, but again, you gotta have hands on and work with it to learn this stuff. And there's always more to learn.

Must be present to win!

You can't win the game sitting on the bench. You have to have the football to score the goal. Bad sports analagies aside,there is simplly no substitute for being present. You can't wish to succeed. It takes effort, time and then more time. It takes practice, and then more time. There's just no way around it!

I miss this community and my WA family!

Y'all don't realize just how special this goup can be and is. There are people who have been a part of my journey within WA and who have become a part of my life. I'm the kind of person who keeps that inner circle kind of small, so for me, this is huge! And while several of us have connected on FB,it's not the same thing. We are of like minds entrepreneurially. And while our backgrounds and interests are varied and we live literally around the world. I appreciate hearing what is really going on around the world from friends rather than the 'news'. I have come to care deeply about many of the folks here and my life has become so much richer and better for them being a part of it. I don't want to lose this, so if you're among my people, you had better let me know how to reach you outside of WA because I seriously don't want to lose you!!!

Just when you thought you've learned it...

Things up and change! Dammit!! Even the format of WA. What the heck?!!! It's like starting over in the format. Plus, this industry changes and advances more by the minute. I will never know it all and as much as I've learned this past year, I know I have oh so much more to learn.

There is so incredibly much knowledge here.

It's like being a part of a virtual university of experts who had been there, done that, got the shirt - and the success that goes with it. You become a reflection of the 10 people you hand out with. With everything going on right now, virtual counts and the people here are amazing. Generous with their knowledge and experience. They know more than I can ever learn. And they have created a path that I can follow. I don't have to recreate the wheel.

So, yeah!

Even stepping away for a little while was a big mistake!!!

So learn from my mistake! DON"T DO IT!!! Stay!

Be here a year from now!

Stay engaged and keep writing!!!

But most important, stay well!

Hugs and howdy's from San Antonio!


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LenkaSophie Premium
Christine! You were missed here, it's nice to have you back! I'm not as active on the platform as I used to but still do log in every day for a while and comment at least on a few posts.
There's so much knowledge here and sometimes I learn something really amazing just from a comment.
Have a nice weekend, my friend!
BillandSue Premium
Hi Christine,
Thanks so much for your encouragement. It is so easy to get distracted and get away from writing articles for the website and working on other things related to the business.

Your inspiration is awesome, especially forgetting about rankings. They are of no financial benefit only ego producing.

Have a great weekend and keep going forward.

CMKetay Premium
Thanks for dropping in and taking time to read the post, Bill! Youi never know how things will go and where the musings will take you! Hope to hear from you often! Christine
BillandSue Premium
Hi Christine,
I enjoy reading your articles, thanks for sharing.

Calvinator63 Premium
Hi Christine,

Unfortunately, mistakes need to happen, to enable better learning and growth: a sad statement.

The WA ranking system is a great business strategy. It keeps the community actively striving to improve that holly “WA RANKING”. But as you explained; it does not do much for our business but greatly enhances theirs. Don’t get me wrong the WA raking system is a great bonus for the community’s involvement on the platform.

However, it is like a double edged sword because it also helps encourage many of the newer WA platform members to stay active and motivated while waiting for their newly built website to take off.

Furthermore, we all can learn from the community here at WA. No matter how inexperienced or experienced you think you are: you too can learn something, at WA, that will improve your business off or online.

The community here at WA is chalked full of very experienced and knowledgeable people: you just have to do some exploring on the platform to find them. Since the ranking system is more of a popularity contest than a knowledge-based ranking. You should not use the ambassador ranking as finding the most knowledgeable members here on the WA platform.

I personally know 5 others besides myself that are making well over six figures annually and their ranking is below 4k (currently mine is higher).

So: “What does that tell you about the ranking system?”

We all face topsy-turvy times in our life spans there is nothing (in most cases) that you can do about it. Moreover, we have to learn; to learn from our mistakes - that is how we grow and develop greater skill sets to slowly lead us to success.

Just think back, in April I recall you stating something about: you felt you did not have helpful and informative topics to contribute to WA.

But look at you now, this is a GREAT read and very WA RELATED!

You go, Girl!

ShaDanLin Premium
Hey there Ketay!
I'm Shannon I am 28 (yikes almost 30 and terrified to not be successful by then !)
I was wondering if you'd be so kind and mentor me? It would help me out a lot, I mean if you have time? I wanted to reach out to someone that seems down to earth, and I share common things with and I think we would be good friends if not a good work team. I enjoy reading your blogs, and I am very new here. I didn't want to ask someone too high up the chain but also not so low. Honestly you look just like my god mother that I adore and I just feel like you have something special and I get a good feeling about you. I binge read all your posts. It inspired me and gave me the courage to ask you to mentor me or at least guide me in a way? Have a couple video teaching chats a week? Something like that? I am sure we can work something out if your not too busy?
Thanks so much for your time in advance! :) I am looking forward to your response,
Shannon Danielle
DianneBee Premium
I really miss the daily contact I had when I was in the top 200. But I couldn't keep it up. I got to publishing a post on my blog every second day, and I saw the numbers creeping up on analytics. Then I burned out. POP. Gone, for few weeks now.
Yep, I miss the community thing. I do watch the Friday webinars, over the weekend.
Still working full time too.
One way or another I guess everyone here keeps up in fits and starts.
I'm glad I had time to read this today!
Best Wishes.