The problem of never having enough hours in a day.

Last Update: April 24, 2021

Finally getting some time to get back into working on the affiliate program. Unfortunately life has been extremely busy lately. Between my normal construction job, being an apprentice and having a small mechanic/fabrication business at home the time to do anything has been incredibly short including sleep it's self. That unfortunately has put my ability to work on the web page and training at the bottom of the list. Fortunately today and tomorrow I have the house to myself and there's nobody and no project at hand to take away from my ability to get some stuff done. Definitely looking forward to getting some more time to work on the programs again and putting the hard work in to get the page up and running 💪

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GeoffreyC1 Premium
Just take it as it comes. You will get there in your time.
Only1Hugh Premium
Hey Chad
Glad you are eking out space for WA despite your other important responsibilities. You will find your rhythm and with that you will be able to cover more training and content building. All the best.
Newme202 Premium
Sometimes life can get the better of us. Well done to you for your motivation and determination in still wanting to be on this journey.

Make the best of your time tomorrow; try and make it a regular day, at least once weekly.
Consistency is the best thing you need to do.
Wishing you success as you go forward on your journey.
AbieAJ Premium Plus

We run six different tasks in an hour and anyone so could - at ten minutes intervals each and stick to the time.

Hope you guys are having a fabulous weekend.
CMitchell92 Premium Plus
I wish there were days I could get away with only dedicating 10 minutes to each thing an hour. Time will get better as I get more things done
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Am sure it will, we keep focus on the big picture and our why.

Thanks for a wonderful share.