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April 03, 2017
I am six or so weeks along and am getting kind of crazy about things. Going through the great training on WA and building my Blog!Anyways, I am on my lesson and they want me to come up with thirty new post/review ideas. What? Just a little too tired for this one. Felt like pulling my hair out. Shut down the training Disgusted that I had no ideas!So, off to relax in front of the TV and get my mind off of things. Went to bed and wasn't even thinking about "New Posts". Lying there awake trying to
March 16, 2017
Getting too excited about all I have to post to make my web site complete. I realized I must take my time, and get away from building building building. We got away today and explored this part of Scotland. Was able to post some nice content on what we did today to inspire people to Travel the World House Sitting!
Day Eleven with Wealthy Affiliates and I am pumped! I had always thought that SEO was a matter of picking a few keywords and putting them on your site. Then one would simply sit back and wait for traffic! Wrong! WA has shown me the light. The Training here has been incredible! I am learning so much. My site is going but till a work in progress. take a look! is the link to my page. I would appreciate any comments or questions on my page.My plans are t
This process has been tedious to say the least. I am enjoying all the lessons and am learning so much. To be honest I have built web pages before. But with WA people might actually LOOK at them! I plan on keeping on and make some money and new friendsI am creating a web site to share the success my wife and I have had house sitting. Yes, we can show you how to Travel the World House Sitting!my web site is