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Hi Everyone! I can't believe it's October already. I really thought September was going to be a nice, easy month with the kids going back to school, but of course, that's never the case. I've had to do a bunch of medical tests this month, and I just had surgery yesterday for a hysterectomy. Sorry if TMI, but hey, that's life! ;) I just got back from the hospital a little bit ago, so I'm trying to catch up with everything and get my September report out. The good news is that things are looking
I'm just curious what your thoughts are about this. One saying you hear a lot is that if you treat your site like a hobby, it'll pay like a hobby. If you treat it like a business, it'll pay like a business. I would love to know: - Do you really feel like you are running a business? (But do you really feel like you are?)- If so, at what point did you start to feel that way? - Was there a certain income you reached before you started feeling like it was a business?- Do you feel you need to work l
Happy September! September is my birthday month, so that's fun. But also the end of summer, which is sad. In a cruel twist of fate, my Mom had me on the last day of summer, which pisses me off every year. lolAugust was kind of a hard month to focus. But, my kids are back in school so that should help a lot. The last weeks of August had them bored and walking around like zombies. hahaI really struggled with my site in August: traf
August 31, 2019
No, no actual airplane changes. For those of us promoting WA...Tha airplane on our dashboard has changed. Now we just need 100 referrals to make it to Vegas.Is this earlier than usual? I don't remember when that started last year.At this point, 100 is still daunting. But much better! lolLet's do this! :) - Christina
As I've been on the hunt to try to figure out why Google isn't ranking my content, I'm starting to figure some things out. I'll give you a couple of ideas of what's happening, and then I'll tell you the #1 SEO mistake that I'm making (and you might be too). First, just a little recap:I was starting to do well with rankings and traffic, but it never really took off like I had hopedI got up to around 3k visitors a monthThen my traffic starting droppingI thought it was the Google core update in Ju
Update: Pedro (I-Pedro-I) sent me some great links about E.A.T., which is something that Google is looking for now, especially with health and money sites. EAT means Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trust. I'm going to post the links here in case this helps anyone else. Thank you, Pedro!
UPDATE: I figured out the issue and why no one else is experiencing it. When I go to add a link in a reply in SiteComments, when the link box opens, it already has http:// in there. I wasn't erasing that when I added my link, and so it just put it at the end! My mistake! I hope this helps you to NOT make the same mistake! :) You live and you learn, right? I'm currently on page 9 of 97 pages of comments that I'm going through. Because there are broken links all throughout my comments. Here's how
August already?? My kids are dreading this month because it means we're getting closer to back to school time. I don't blame them! I'm dreading it a little because I love summer and it's coming to and end soon. So we'll all have to enjoy it while it's still here. :) Let's get down to business and see how everything went in July. Things I've Accomplished in July:Bought a new theme and switched my site over to it (This was due to Kyle's note about site speed. However, that improved when I was add
First a couple of questions for you:1. How have your Google Rankings been going since the core update in June? Have you notices any changes good or bad? 2. What is your niche? 3. What is your theme and do you use a theme builder? I have been on a mission to figure out why Google has stopped ranking my pages, and I've been coming up with some new interesting things that could be the cause. If you're having trouble, these may help you solve some of your problems. At least it will give you somethi
I recenrly decided to experiment a little with Bing Ads. I took a few ClickBank products and did direct linking campaigns in Bing. (Yes, I know, it's not the best way to do things long-term, but I'm just trying to get a feel for how it all works.) I also connected the links with ClickMagick, although the tracking has been very sporadic for me. I didn't do too badly, as you can see here (I started the campaigns on Thursday, so made money 3 days in a row):But I don't really know where to go from