Mistakes are good, right?

Last Update: January 12, 2018

I saw a post from an ambassador the other day that talked about not adding outside links to your blog post. I quickly realized I had been doing that.

I am someone who joined this group a long time ago, but I left for several years and recently came back.

The reason I came back was not so much for the training (because I've been through that previously and because I now have a Wix website), but because I need help getting my site to rank.

So in my mind I thought I would rejoin WA, ask others with help on comments, add some of my links to this great authority site and hope that Google will start loving me. In turn, I would, of course, give back to the community in the same way.

I had forgotten about all the rules (not even sure where they are?) and was breaking them left and right! I am not someone who would ever scam someone intentionally. It's not in my personality at all. So, I read that post and I started feeling terrible.

I am one of those sensitive types so my immediate thought was to leave and never come back. Haha, I'm dramatic like that. But then I took a minute, erased my outside links (except for one that goes to a personality site because I think that one is interesting and it has nothing to do with me or my site) and then reflected on this.

I always tell my kids that making mistakes is good. It's how we learn. I learned, got better from it, and now I'm moving on.

Now the only issue is...how can I get more Google love? I guess I need to go back through some of the training and hopefully I'll get more answers!

Sorry for the mistakes, but I'm glad to make them. :)

- Christina

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JohnV Premium
The person who never made a mistake probably never made anything at all. Provided your mistake is not fatal, you can often learn the most valuable lesson from it.
GailLowe Premium
I like this post - thanks for your honesty and acceptance. I always tell my children that it's fine to make mistakes too, but that we should learn from them so they don't become a habit. Welcome back and I hope it goes well for you. Gail
cld111 Premium
Thanks, Gail! I appreciate the nice comment. I often find myself telling my kids one thing and then not following the same advice. Ugh! Working on it!

- Christina
GailLowe Premium
Haha - me too.....trying to get my girls to tidy their rooms at the moment but then I look at mine and see where they get it from! ha ha. Oh well. What's that proverb about a plank in your own eye?!