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October 12, 2018
I have a big goal, you guys. I want to qualify for 2020 Vegas. And I want to take you along my journey. This all started when I watched Littlemama's training videos about her own road to Vegas. Thank you, Littlemama because that training gave me 100% clarity. Here's her post on the training if you're interested: & FumblingBefore I saw Littlemama's training, I was sort of bumbling and fumbling my way around with my websi
I see y'all (I'm not really southern, I just like to pretend) are not using SiteContent. How do I know? Because I've apparently written more this month so far than 97% of you! And I know lots of you out there are writing until your fingers bleed. I see your websites when I'm doing my research. So, my question is, why aren't you using it? I'm really curious. I only recently started really using SiteContent myself, and it's so awesome! Maybe you don't know how to use it? It's really easy. Let me
Yesterday I wrote a blog post and within a few hours that post was indexed. Not only was that post indexed, but two more were indexed with it. Today I wrote a blog post, and it was indexed within about an hour. Not only that, it's ranking in the #4 spot.So how do you get a website (and subsequent posts) ranked on Google FAST? You do what all the smart people on Wealthy Affiliate do. You follow Jay's training! First, I watched his awesome video training:
I'm going along, following the training I just watched that Jay did about getting your posts ranked quickly. One of the steps is to post in Google + using your Meta Title and Meta Description.I was working on some older posts. I posted one. No problem. I posted the second and...Suspension warning. OK, I'm reading around and getting the understanding that #1 they don't like when you post things too quickly together (spamming) and they don't really like make money stuff or wealthy affiliate stuff
You can see my titles are breaking in the middle of words. It's the same on mobile too. I tried playing around with the sizes and font types, but it didn't really help. Has this happened to you? Anything I can do to fix it? I'd prefer not to change my theme. I like (almost) everything else about it. - Christina
I posted this in a facebook chat. I'm sure there's a way to update the photo, but I'm not sure where I do that in Wordpress? Anyone have any ideas? - Christina
September 12, 2018
But, I decided to jump into the Super Affiliate training. Is this a case of "shiny object syndrome" where you get kind of tired of doing whatever you're doing so you hop on board of whatever looks interesting next? Or, is it divine intervention where the timing of jumping in right now was perfect and this is the path to something really awe inspiring? Only time will tell! I do tend to jump around, however, it just so happens that I split out one of my sites into two different sites and now I ha
Today is the first day of school for my kids, and this is a good thing! One, it gets them out of the house and busy with activities again. Two, it gets me that time I need to get my business going. Business took a back seat over the summer and it shows in my numbers. My website visitors have slipped. A lot. It's ok because now I have dedicated time to get things rolling again! Consistency is key. Consistency, consistency, consistency. Not being consistent over the summer is what made my website
I was just looking over Search Console to see if I can find any new blog post opportunities, and I decided to sort by "position" to see how many search terms I have in the top 10 of Google. As of right now, I have 178 search terms that are in position 10 or better! Position 10 = 12 search termsPosition 9 = 37 search termsPosition 8 = 35 search termsPosition 7 = 25 search termsPosition 6 = 30 search termsPosition 5 = 10 search termsPosition 4 = 14 search termsPosition 3 = 3 search termsPosition
July 05, 2018
This is a topic I recently wrote about on one of my websites, but I thought it could be interesting to post it here because I see how paradigms affect people around Wealthy Affiliate. I recently was able to join a live stream event called Paradigm Shift with Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher and it was so, so, so informative. I'm going through the replay of the event because there was so much to take in. First...What is a Paradigm? The easiest way to explain it is that it's your belief system. We