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March 17, 2018
My website hit 1k montly visitors! I know I still have a long way to go (I'd love to hit 1k daily visitors at some point!), but I can see that my site is growing and the work that I've been putting into it is paying off. After Jay's latest webinars, I realize I need to get an email responder going pretty soon. Eek. That makes me nervous for some reason. Anyway, thanks to all of you for your support, comments, help and suggestions! You are a part of my growing success, and I appreciate you! - Ch
March 16, 2018
Does anyone know what this means? I got an email from Google Search Console team and it says: New Accelerated Mobile Pages issue detected. It says I need to fix it. I wish they were a little more specific about how to do so. Does anyone have a clue? Should I turn AMP off? Have any of you had this error? I turned on SSL yesterday, maybe that's the issue? UGH. I'm not good with these technical things. Help?- Christina
March 13, 2018
Well, I see our blog posting area has changed. I think that belongs in the good news section. This is pretty nice! Anyway...The good news is that my site seems to be gaining traction with the number of daily visitors it's getting. - In January, it received about 10-20 vsitors per day. (Except one day when one of my blog posts was tweeted out by someone with a big following.) - In February, it got about 20-25 visitors per day. - This month, we're looking at about 30-50 per day, with a couple of
March 05, 2018
I'm not totally sure what this means or how to fix it? It's saying I have some URLs that are showing up as soft 404s? They seem to be working ok on my end. Do you know how to fix these? Is it even something to worry about? Thanks!Christina
March 01, 2018
I currently work at an elementary school. I enjoy working with the kids, but it's really, really boring and my creative juices are going to waste there! I also make very little pay. However, the hours are nice. But, last night my husband told me not to go back to the school next year. (I was secretly hoping he would eventually say this.) He's going to give me 1 year to produce enough income to get us ahead. And if I can't, I have agreed to go back to a regular 9-5 job. Eeek. I hate working in a
February 06, 2018
I'll never get the Google badge on here because I use Wix as my web provider. (I starting using it long before I ever thought of coming back to WA.) But, it looks like I'm getting some nice rankings on my site! Tell me if I'm wrong though! I missed the webinar on Google Search Console (need to go back and watch that one soon), so I don't 100% know what I'm looking at. It *looks* good if I'm seeing it correctly. What are some good click-through rates? Some look like they might be pretty good, an
February 06, 2018
I am. I know most people are afraid of failing. I'm afraid of succeeding. I guess when I think about being successful, I get overwhelmed. What about taxes? How can I help ALL my customers? Do I need to hire employees? How do I do that??! I don't want to be a boss! Eek! I know that I HAVE to change my mindset around this if I ever want to be successful. Does anyone else have these thoughts? How do you combat them? - Christina
February 02, 2018
In my last blog post, we talked about the ups and downs of this business. I was feeling a bit down during that time because I had a huge spike to my site from a Twitter re-tweet, which then dropped like a bomb right after. Yesterday, I was checking twitter and noticed I had a bunch of notifications. It seems as if a bunch of related sites picked up one of my review posts and tweeted it out! Here are some of them. While the boost wasn't as big as with the first incident, it did give me a nice am
January 30, 2018
Last week I was flying high from my Twitter successes! My website views jumped way up when one of my tweets was retweeted by someone who has a lot of followers. Up!Yesterday? I had 8 views. And down...I suppose that's just how this is going to go. Sometimes things will be looking up. And sometimes things will be down, down, down. I think the trick here is to manage the downturns in a way that you don't get discouraged. The thing is, I have quite a bit of content on my site now. Yet, still not e
January 25, 2018
Twitter was one of those mysterious social medial places I rarely frequented. Until recently. I've been working on growing followers there in the past few weeks, and incredible things are happening. Here are some of the best things that have happened so far: Bob Proctor replied to one of my tweets. Bob Frickin' Proctor! (He was in The Secret in case you don't know him. He posts the most inspirational and educational You Tube videos.) I had a small conversation with someone I admire in the plant