Challenges Ahead

Last Update: September 19, 2018

This week has been crazy. We have a two special boys that we adopted from Ukraine a few years back, and they have brought a lot of challenges to our home. The first one (19) turn his back on everything we every taught him and is cooling his heals in jail right now. The other one (13) stepped on my computer by mistake Sunday night and shattered the screen. I am typing on that computer right now, dodging shards of glass and awaiting its replacement today. Then, as if this wasn't enough, the same boy loses hit temper while his program was loading and punched a different computer, shattering that screen as well. So, one kid in jail, two broken computers, but life goes on. Despite all of this, my Affiliation business will go on. What doesn't kill up only makes us stronger, so while counting the many blessings the Lord has given my family, we press forward. You know, parenting would be a lot easier without all these kids!

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herinnelson Premium
Even with all these challenges on the rise, Clay, love somehow is strengthened through the adversity. Keep your chin up and the love flowing. It is bound to get better from here!

Erin :)!
ClayWestfall Premium
Thank you, Erin.
herinnelson Premium
My sincere pleasure, my friend!