Another crazy morning.

Last Update: September 27, 2018

This morning I woke up to a mess that my boys left last night. I was kind of mad, because I told them to clean it up before they went to bed. Then this morning when they woke up, they started fighting as they sometimes do (both are twelve, one adopted). Then, at the breakfast table, my wife acidentally knocks over a pitcher of milk while rushing out the door. As I am making lunch for the boys, our cat decided to bring his nightly kill (a mole) into the house and proudly leaves it on the livingroom rug. As the kids finally go out the door to school, I close my eyes and think about the terrible morning I have had. Then I drop to my knees and thank God for a healthy, happy family. Thank you Lord, for such a blessed life.

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AlexEvans Premium
That is so true Clay, we are blessed in so many ways the best one is that we have another day. Hectic at your place, we all lead such busy lives.
ClayWestfall Premium
Thanks Alex. Have a good evening.