As we are continuously looking for growing niche markets, veganism becomes an often overlooked, yet profitable, and growing market to explore. From the outside point of view, this might seem like a small food related niche, but I am here to tell you that it goes far beyond that, and has a larger potential than you might see at first.

Veganism has the following potential sub niches and opportunities

Cruelty-free/Vegan beauty products
Cruelty-free/Vegan household products
Cruelty-free/Vegan and ethically sourced clothing
Cruelty-free/Vegan and ethically sourced jewerly
Vegan food/diet

As you can see, veganism is a much broader sub market to explore. With vegan-only supermarkets showing up all over the country, and vegan food options in every grocery store, you can see the consumer shift, in buying habits. Even larger, traditional brands have began to certify their products are vegan.

If you are looking for a new opportunity, but are not finding anything that fits in the more conventional and traditional categories, this might be a chance for you.

P.S. Veganism, and cruelty-free living would make a great lifestyle blog focus. If you are interested in starting a lifestyle blog, you can check out my training called How To Start A Successful Lifestyle Blog, right here on WA



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LeonardGo Premium
Vegan is so broad...The modern veganism is not healthy at all...for example..vegan chocolate has no egg and milk and white sugar ... but there are lots of much more harmful ingredient's..aspartam ... saturated fats..and its expensive:)
Chezbrown Premium
Good blog and a good niche if anyone wants to pick up on it. Sorry for the late reply Claudia. xx
ClaudiaHB Premium
no worries, thanks for commenting! Blessings!
Roseveg Premium
Thanks Claudia,

i'm a vegetarian and just want to start the niche with is, thanks for your sharing.
bryanshipley Premium
Very interesting ideas Claudia.
BrianFord Premium
Thank's for your thoughts!! Claudia
Loubelle Premium
Thanks Claudia great idea regards
lynnsam61 Premium
This is a huge market. So many people are either committed vegans or want to give it a try for all of the hype.
Mike52 Premium
Just left a company that distributes specialty and health food. We could not keep up with demand. This is a huge growth market.
janmar Premium
Very true. there is a great demand for this information.
paulgoodwin Premium
Go for it - my wife is Vegan and I am nearly there as well!
JudeP Premium
Thanks for the info Claudia :)
MPollock Premium
This could be interesting. thanks dear
benandnili Premium
While I'm not sure veganism is the route for me. I am now thinking more international :)
percispapa Premium
Thank you for the information