Ubersuggest No Longer Free?! There Is An Opportunity In That!

Last Update: February 14, 2020

Hi there,

so I was going to check on some competition data for research purposes as I always do, using Ubersuggest first, and I was very surprised to see limited features available to me!

Instead it prompted my to upgrade to a 10 Dollar a month option, with a 7 Day Trial

While I am not too happy about this, of course, because I got used to the unlimited free access, I understand the reason behind it, I also immediatly thought of everyone here who is in the money making niche (I am not)

Wouldn't this be a great opportunity to promote Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate?

After all, many of Jaaxy's features are included in Wealthy Affiliate, which is always a good selling point, but it also could make a good comparison post.

Just take a moment to think about it, and I am sure that you can come up with some ideas on how to capitalize on that change, somehow.

Personally, I seriously doubt that I will ever purchase the upgraded plan - 10 Dollars a month is simply not worth it for me, for the little bit that I use it, and I got enough out of the program before the price change happened.


Have you used Ubersuggest before? Would you consider paying for the full version of the program?



P.S. There are still limited free features available

- Site Audit still works for free

- you can get 10 ranking competitor keywords (but you can no longer export data, which until yesterday was 250 keywords!)

- you can still create one project to track up to 25 keywords on your site

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JillAlexaVA Premium
Hi Claudia,
No, I have never used Ubersuggest. In fact, being pretty new in the online world, I had not heard of it before.
Thank you for this information.
So far I have been able to find all I need and more on the Wealthy Affiliate platform.
My Niche is also not a money Niche making niche but I do make money by writing blogs for companies.
All the very best,
ClaudiaHB Premium
well, I am glad that you were not affected by that change then, best of luck, blessings!
drjec Premium
I haven’t used it but it’s does sound like a good promotional opportunity.
ClaudiaHB Premium
that is what I thought - I am not too heartbroken about the loss of function, not really needing it at the moment, and by the time I hope I will need something like the upgraded features, money should no longer be an issue anyway.
Stanleycmng Premium
I used it yesterday and did not see the upgrade page. Maybe I did not get to that. Will check again. Anyway, great idea and opportunity.
ClaudiaHB Premium
yeah, I was using it fine yesterday as well - I was even thinking about making a training video about how I use it in conjunction with Notion, but not going to happen now, lol - Blessings!
Vickic3 Premium
Im using ubersuggest and I can't see a payment option
ClaudiaHB Premium
there are limited features available - see the screenshots in the comments and the post for details - hope that helps
MarionBlack Premium
I'm still using Ubersuggest for free. Can you show us a screenshot?
ClaudiaHB Premium
as I mentioned in the post, he limited the free features, not eliminated them.
For example, you can now get a lot fewer keyword data from competition than before. It originally was 250 - now there are 10 available (see the new screenshot I added to the article)
Also, you can no longer export keyword data - which I was able to do yesterday, I am attaching a screenshot of that to this comment.
If you used only the basic features, you can still use it for free, I took advantage of all features that were available, and those are very limited now.
Also, I had already a clarifying screenshot in the post, that highlights all of the features that are available with the paid option.