Passive Income Streams: 7 Quick Tips For Ebay Selling Success

Last Update: June 19, 2016

Selling on eBay has been a prefered passive income stream for a while now, and it is still a great way to add to total online income. I have compiled some tips to make eBay a profitable venture for you

1. Price competitively.

Work out your overall cost - including your purchase cost, fees, any potential custom duties, and shipping, then add your potential commission and see if you can under-price your competitors listings. Sometimes just a small margin of lesser price can make a huge difference in getting the sale.

2. Choose the best finish time for your listing.

Having your listing finish in the middle of the night is not such a good idea, considering that many of your potential customers are not even awake. Try to end your listings at the times when there is higher traffic, so your listing gets the most attention

3. Offer free shipping

Not only does that improve where your listing is going to rank, but it also draws in more customers.

4. Make sure your listing is easy to read, and has no spelling or grammar errors.

Run your listings through a grammar program if necessary before posting (Grammarly works great for that). You will give off a much more professional appearance that way.

5. Optimize your title keywords

Yes, keywords are also an essential part of eBay listings, so do not underestimate the power of them, away from "simply" creating blog posts. Use the tools we have available here on Wealthy Affiliate to create the best possible result.



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forresth1 Premium
great training post thanks for sharing claudia
SadieChan Premium
Thanks for the tips, Claudia
JudeP Premium
Great tips Claudia, thanks :)
Ultimateless Premium
I've never really thought of selling on eBay because the competition looks pretty stiff!
Funkydunc208 Premium
Hi Claudia,
Do you have an eBay store at all? Are the above tips for anything you sell on eBay? Thank you for sharing them.
ClaudiaHB Premium
I stopped selling on eBay about a year ago, when I had to take on more responsibilities in my husband's business, but yes I did, but I do not have one right now. I have helped people set up eBay stores as recently as a few weeks ago. The above tips go for any listing - I personally had a Pagan supply store, while my husband sold video games and general merchandise. This worked for both, and they could not be further apart in niche. The last store I set up was for someone who sells essential oils and crystals. Hope that answered your questions.
Funkydunc208 Premium
Thank you very much, Claudia, it did answer my questions.
ClaudiaHB Premium
awesome! Blessings!