KDP No And Low Content Publishing And Life Update

Last Update: September 01, 2021

Happy September 1st

Hi there - I hope you are all well, successful, and blessed

Today, I wanted to share with you a couple of updates regarding my KDP publishing adventure as well as a little bit of awesome news about my little family - more about that later

KDP No And Low Content Update

So, I began to stop the dabbling and put in serious effort into no and low content publishing on Amazon's self-publishing platform KDP Publishing.

As of now, since the last week of July, I have published 351 books - with a ton more pending for approval - mostly no content books in various categories, such as composition notebooks.

Because I choose to work with small niches, I am happy to say that I have already broken even, when it comes to cost - which is not what I expected in less than 6 weeks. Some of my content is very seasonal, specifically for the upcoming winter season, but even those notebooks have been selling.

By breaking even, I mean, I am counting Canva Pro, Creative Fabrica, and the Roam Research memberships as my current expenses for creating these books and their covers.

What are a few core lessons I have learned so far:

Create workflows and templates:

I have templates for each category and niche that I am working with, and additional templates for the individual types of books within each category and niche. That is what makes it possible for me to work a lot faster, and publish more books in such a short period of time. I do not have to try to figure out which keywords I use for each, I do not have to make sure that I write the correct description for each book - all of that and more has a template, and a workflow.

Know your weaknesses

If you are not a designer, do not know how to create your own images, or like me, have problems with your hands, and therefore no longer can draw - pay for the design elements of your covers - or if you have extra money on hand, outsource the creation of your covers.

However, it is quite easy with the help of Creative Fabrica and Canva to create beautiful covers for various niches, without having to learn a lot of stuff, spend a lot of money, or get all kinds of frustrated. This also saves me time, to make more books. AND, yes, I have a workflow for creating covers in Canva as well.

Work In Batches

Here is another way to save time when creating these books - work in batches. With that I mean, that instead of jumping from niche idea to niche idea, or type of book to another, make a bunch of them in one category before moving on. For example, if you want to make Sudoko puzzle books, then make multiple copies by creating several interiors first, then create several different covers for them and then publish the entire lot at once. Another example of batch working would be that I just created a bundle of different Christmas design covers over the last few days. That way I was able to use for the most part the same description, keyword, and the same template to make them, which is how I was able to make more and at better quality.

But that is enough about KDP.

Life Update

My daughter is officially in college

She just started her classes and is now on her way to becoming a registered nurse, which is awesome. I am so very proud of her.

So that is it for now when it comes to this check-in

If you have any questions regarding low and no content publishing - or anything else that I have written about on WA, drop me a message or leave a comment, and I will try my best to get back to you all ASAP.

Here is to a successful rest of the year

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JeffreyBrown Premium
Congrats on your daughter being in college, Claudia!

I have completed the first 15 volume series in my historical sci-Fi series, I have 4 cloud and sun image books, one stand alone satire, and 2 Blog books.

A second sequel series is in the works, but admittedly, I have been lazy about that one. I also have a WA member working on a promotion site for me, so things are in the works!

I am optimistic, and well done on your progress!

ClaudiaHB Premium
Sounds like you have been busy - I do not see laziness there at all, Jeff - I have a feeling that you have no clue how to be truly lazy, lol.

That promotion site idea is awesome, glad that you found someone here to work with.

JeffreyBrown Premium
Thank you, Claudia, but you would be surprised about what I know about laziness! 😂

Enjoy your day!

dcasa14 Premium
Congratulations on your KDP successes. I just received my very first Amazon payment for a cookbook I published through KDP. I found that it was easy to use and priced right compared to other self-publishing companies. I used FIVERR for outsourcing covers and some content.
Thank you for posting and allowing me to "jump in" with my success story!
BTW - my daughter is a nurse and I am very proud of her accomplishment to become a nurse and her daily help to those in need.
ClaudiaHB Premium
Isn't that an awesome feeling?
Yes, KDP is truly easy to use, not much of a learning curve, thankfully, there are so many other things that we have to keep track of, it is nice to see something that is intuitive.

How great to hear about your daughter - this is a tough time to be a nurse, so I wish her all of the strength and resolve on her day-to-day journey.

Dadaz123 Premium
Congratulations, Claudia, you seem to have your hacks and shortcuts in place. I know very little about KDP publishing and will be grateful to scoop up whatever I can learn
Thank you for sharing and I look forward to reading more detailed information about your journey.
ClaudiaHB Premium
thanks for stopping by - I am more than happy to occasionally drop some updates and stuff I learned here along the way - there is a lot of learning to do when it comes to KDP, and making a profit

JKulk1 Premium
Hi Claudia. Congratulations on a great effort. Ii looked into this about two years ago. Just imagine where It could have been today if I had of started. Jim
ClaudiaHB Premium
I was telling my daughter something similar today - I was thinking about doing this a couple of years ago, and did not follow through, out of some reason - well, we can not regret what we have not done, but we can make sure we make better decisions now.

Maybe you will join me on this KDP journey, and begin your own little adventure now.

AlejandraB Premium
Thanks so much for sharing this blog, I’m also interested to work on this, but my question is this one, I love to work on illustration, but I’m good at CorelDraw, can I create a PDF using it to share it on Amazon?
ClaudiaHB Premium
I am not familiar with CorelDraw, however, if you can create a .png file with that application of your design, you can upload it into canva, size it correctly, and download it as a print-ready PDF. So it might be not possible without an extra step, but that should not hold you back. Just make sure that you convert it to a print-ready PDF, not the other option that is available on that program.
Hope that helped.