How to Make Money With Drop Shipping - Avoiding Scams

Last Update: June 22, 2016

As with any online business, there are scammers, waiting to make money of those inexperienced business people, and online entrepreneurs. Drop shipping is no different in that regard, which is the why I decided to write this short article "How to Make Money With Drop Shipping - Avoiding Scams" today.

Here is a list of red flags when approaching drop shipping

1. Wholesalers who charge a membership fee, upfront fee, or an application fee. Reputable wholesalers make money of you selling products, not with extra fees. If a company asks you for upfront expenses, decline and move on.

2. Wholesaler who is not asking you for a tax id number, or copy of a business license.

3. Wholesaler who does not accept Paypal, or other major credit cards

4. A review site attached to the wholesaler that is younger than 3 months old. That typically means that they commissioned writers to write fake reviews.

I will write tomorrow on my blog about how I choose wholesalers for myself and my clients .

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Thanks Claudia for the great info.
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Tbanks for this valuable info Claudia
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Great information I will definitely refer to it when I need to!
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A lot of red flags that too many wouldn't recognize as red flags
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