How do you organize your ideas? My Thoughts

Last Update: April 01, 2021

Lots of ideas, so little time

I am not sure if you are like me, but I constantly have ideas for my business that I want to work on - may it be the low content publishing site, a blog post idea, a series that I would like to work on, courses that will happen - well, you get the idea.

There are times, however, that the constant flow of ideas can give me a little bit of anxiety, to be honest. Not because I am not working on them, I am, but I am afraid that I will forget the ideas that I am having, and more importantly, forget how and where I have organized the ideas that I do have for the future.

How do I deal with that anxiety and overwhelm?

I have a few steps that I take in order to keep up with everything, with is what I want to share with you. Focusing on a structured (or semi-structured) system helps to control overwhelm, so I recommend that you focus on creating them for all of the aspects of your work and business (or even for your personal life, when needed)

Well that is a work in progress, but here is what I have come up with so far

  • I have one place where all of my ideas go - for me that is Notion, so everything gets dumped in there
  • I tag them - I have a master tag list, so for example, if I want to work in a journal about gratitude, I will tag it as journal, and gratitude
  • I revisit the idea and notes fault regularly - well okay, semi-regularly, because you know life stuff
  • I have a work journal - yes, another journal, where whenever an idea strikes I can write it on that day's page, and organize it in the evening before I am closing up my work stuff - at least that is the plan, sometimes I work so late though, that I can not get around to it until the next day, but then it has to be done first thing in the morning!

How do you keep track of your ideas? Do you have any tips and tricks and you think we all could benefit from? If so, please leave them in the comment section!

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JeffreyBrown Premium
I'm sad to say, Claudia, that I have an old Stand for a desk that has a sharp pole in the middle and I skewer all my quick jot-downs on it! I also have bulletin boards at two other locations, and in my vehicles I have spiral notebooks! I have enough stuff on my cell phone already, and unfortunately, I am quite "old school" I will say that your idea is better, but I am an old dog who has had to learn too many new tricks, already!

JeannineC Premium
I write everything down, and it gives me peace. I keep a notepad by my desk and another on my nightstand plus one in my purse so I never have to worry about forgetting something. That strategy has saved me more than once, and I've been able to parlay that into some great content and great deals.

Glad you figured out what worked for you!
AlexEvans Premium
Mobile phone. Note pad app save all the ideas into folders discard and forget all the non starters once a month. Seems to work, the discarding bit can be a work in progress.
richardgb Premium
Hi Claudia
It's nice to meet someone else here who is using Notion.

I wrote an introductory post late last year: My Notion set up includes:
- TTD Dashboard - all my things to do (work and personal) prioritised in a database. I use a simple method that I created, originally on paper, about 1990, then around 2000 discovered a book called 'Getting Things Done' by Dave Allen that outlines a very similar approach and reasoning.
- Writing Dashboard - set up as a Kanban view. All my writing ideas start in the first column (on the left) and as they develop through the writing process they get moved to an appropriate column until published. I also maintain a calendar associated with that for future article reviews. Obviously, it also provides a backup for my posts. The beauty for me of writing in Notion is that the article can be largely laid out in Notion and then copied and pasted directly into WP with very few changes necessary beyond adding images to the WP image library.
- Reference Library - anything to do with research or interest goes into the Reference Library with copious tags.
- Book List - I regularly see recommendations for books. They all go into my book list.
- Personal Dashboard - includes goals, useful lists, financials etc.

I'd be interested to learn more about how you use Notion. Also, very happy to share anything that I do that's of interest.
ClaudiaHB Premium
hi there fellow Notion user, lol. I basically live in Notion. From appointment calendars to content creation everything gets put in there. Are you familiar with August Bradley on Youtube? I have used aspects of his setup, especially the one for mindset, and for content creation to morph my system into something useful.
I also host all of my freebies for my subscribers there, for which I made a walk-through training.
Here is an example of a walkthrough of my Notion Common Place book Thanks for letting me know how you work in Notion.

richardgb Premium
Yes, Claudia, I am familiar with August Bradley's work but I had already set up my own system (before I found him) which I had originally developed on paper around 1990.
Like you, I use Notion for more or less everything.

I had not come across the term Commonplace Book before so looked the term up on the net. It looks like a sophisticated method for journaling. Is that right?

I believe my 'Reference Library' covers part of this but I am not good at journaling as such... yet.

The two areas that most people have come back to me for are:
- the writing process and
- 'things to do' (or getting things done).
Have you covered either of these areas in your posts at all?
drjec Premium
In my attempt to be very modern yet understanding that I am very old school, I use two methods. New ideas I organize on an e-note pad with each section being for a different category of idea. Once I am actually working to create something from the idea, I put the specific parts of the idea on post its so I can stick them up and move them around to organized them. It works for me.
ClaudiaHB Premium
I love the analog system that you are describing. I wish my hands would work better, otherwise, I would prefer to do the same. Typing on the computer is simply easier for me. However, using a paper organization system is still the best, no matter how great computers are. Have a wonderful day!