During my search for out of the ordinary affiliate programs, I ran across an interesting company that offers an affiliate payout for crafts and DIY bloggers - CraftCruises.com. While this is out of my expertise and niche range, I wanted to share it with you, because it highlights that thinking outside of your usual box, of traditional promotion, can earn you some extra cash, you might have otherwise missed out upon. Cruises are a popular vacation "destination" and themed cruises are always a fun sale.

They offer a wide variety of cruises, from knitting to kids cruises, so there should be an angle you can use, if you are in this niche.

So, why not check it out?

Stay tuned for some more out of the ordinary affiliate marketing programs soon.



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DesCardenas Premium
Thanks for the info I will look into it.
MyraBeth Premium
Thanks so much. My website is a craft theme website and perhaps, it's time to go on a cruise.
T1967 Premium
If you think out side the box the box does not exist so think well outside your comfort zone :-))
percispapa Premium
Loes Premium
Thank you, I will consider this, I have a kidscraft website
With-Kev Premium
Hi Claudia, I will look at this. Thanks for sharing. Cheers Kev
Pastashuta Premium
Hey Claudia, It's great that you are thinking not only for yourself....but also about helping others along the way....top marks. Cheers Donny
KenPe Premium
Hey Claudia,
Very good post. Any one that has crafts would benefit for this and is good "food for thought".
j-lee Premium
Working on a craft blog but not up yet. The cruise sounds like fun. Thanks for the info.
CaJe51 Premium
I love it, and yes I do have a craft blog so this is right up my alley. Thank you!
Steve1958 Premium
Sounds pretty good to me! Will have a look...thanks...
stevecox Premium
Claudia - I think this is a great idea and a friend of mine who was also in the Foreign Service now takes cruises with his wife (for free) and "lectures" on living overseas, foreign cultures and related topics. Not a bad deal !