Question Time: Claudia, what is your present situation at WA?

Last Update: October 19, 2019

So I have been a Wealthy Affiliate premium member for exactly one month and two days.....yep, I have been counting the days! Today I got a bit sentimental and began to look at my achievements for the past months. I most definately have achieved a lot! There's no doubt about that!

First I want to expound yet again how happy I am to have found WA at the time I did. I want to thank the member whose link I followed to arrive here! Riaz, I am certain that was you!

Now let's look at my most obvious achievements.

  1. I have two of those is mine, bought and paid for! :)
  2. I identified a niche which I believe will get me results
  3. This is blog post number 10...(that really needs improving)
  4. I am now ranked at 1424 ....definitely need to get my activity rank down!
  5. have a network of 168 followers and I am following 409 friends
  6. I have been indexed by Google (Did you know Google indexed one of my page that has one sentence on it?) Interesting!
  7. I have 80 affiliate accounts in CJ
  8. I am an Amazon Associate
  9. I have found quite a few affiliates in my niche
  10. I am using social media to extend my reach
  11. I help others
  12. I have asked 3 questions :)
  13. I had a blog taken down :)
  14. I made 4 sales on Amazon but was not paid because they can determine that I sold to friends and family! :)
  15. I have completed 69% of my training. I am enjoying myself immensely!

Of course, it might not seem like a lot but when you come in as a newbie and do so much in a short have achieved.

Heres to all of you in this awesome community who have contributed directly and indirectly to my achievements.....we will continue to support each other as that is what WA is all about!

Thank you all!

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Mick18 Premium
Wow! You have achieved a lot. Well done!
ClaudiaAlex1 Premium
Lol.....the good thing about my achievements is that I have do much fun learning and doing them that it didn't feel like work at all!

Thank you!

DarrenNicola Premium
Hello Claudia and thanks for sharing your progress.
You are doing amazing, keep up the good progress.
Just imagine where you will be in one year, you are building a foundation right now that will lead to success in the long term.
All the best and great job.
Darren :)
ClaudiaAlex1 Premium
One year's time is not a bad visualization! I can actually see myself benefiting from this foundation! Thank you!
Linda103 Premium
Wow, you have achieved a lot Claudia, well done.
ClaudiaAlex1 Premium
Thanks Linda! I am really trying!
Aussiemuso Premium
Some awesome achievements for a month Claudia and all that learning and growing.

Well done.
Another month will be even more exciting.
Wishing you success.

Lily 😊
ClaudiaAlex1 Premium
Thank you, Lily! It's all about the growth and progress!
CMKetay Premium
Celebrate all of the milestones! They matter! Congratulations. Christine
ClaudiaAlex1 Premium
Yes, they do matter! Even the smallest would have been something you hadn't achieved before!