Last Update: May 21, 2019

Hi everyone,

I’ve been at WA for several months now, and my biggest problem is finding images for my articles.

I’m trying to launch a style blog for men with special needs and I’m having a tough time coming up with images of the various clothing items I’m going to feature on my site.

My Ideas So Far

Originally I thought I’d just use the stock images from the websites where the products were sold, but apparently I can’t do that without violating copyright.

Then I thought of using images from other websites or social media but the same things apply there.

I don’t have the ability or equipment to take quality photos of them myself and I’ve looked at several free websites (including the ones listed in the training), and haven’t been able to find the images I need.

I am now considering paying for photos through a service like iStock or Adobe Stock, but it’s very expensive ($80+/month) and I’d rather avoid this if I can.




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SStubbins1 Premium
Do you have friends are church members are community center of people that you can ask to take pictures for you ?
I'm old can 't you take the pictures from a cell phone?
JoePlale Premium
This is The Internet ..
You Really ‘Do Not’ need Uber-High-Resolution pictures to accompany the text content of your Posts.

If you have a decent Digital Camera .. or even a good quality SmartPhone, you will do Just Fine!!


feigner Premium
have you checked bing images -just remember to change the filter to commercial use.
same with google images.
have you done a google search for special needs clothing royalty free images
can you get any images from the affiliate program you are using.
good luck Matthew
ClassyCrip Premium
Thanks for the tips, I’ve checked google, not bing. Haven’t signed up for an affiliate program yet. I wanted to get some posts and traffic before I do that.
feigner Premium
sensible - but limiting in images - there were a few but mainly children in the search from google.
what about periodicals, specialist tailors they may allow with attribution,
keep hunting - if you can't find many than there won't be too much competition in that niche possibly.