Jay hosts weekly live video training events that are offered within the Premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate. Jay has vast experience in the Internet marketing world, from PPC, local marketing, content development, SE


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Do You Know All The SEO Steps Required To Create an Search Engine Friendly website?

Are You Struggling to Remember All the Steps Needed When Creating a Page or Post?

How About What to Do When Posting a Video On YouTube?

Join Jay (magistudios) this Friday September 28th at 5PM (PST) where he will show you the SEO steps involved to making a Super Friendly Website.

This will include:

  • SEO Website Checklist
  • SEO Page or Post Checklist
  • SEO Video Checklist
  • SEO Checklist for a Local Marketing
  • SEO Checklist for Social Media
At the end of the WAbinar, you will also receive a PDF with all of these Checklists for you to print and post on your wall.

Do not miss this Live Training as there may be one small element that can make a huge impact to your online business.

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Are you exclusively sending links from your articles to your home page?
Have you ever thought about sending links from one article to another and what the benefit would be?

Join Jay (magistudios) this Friday where he will discuss:

* What exactly is deep linking?
* Why deep linking is needed
* How to keep track of your deep links
* Sample Deep link profile
* Live Q & A Session

Be sure to stop by this live training as there will be information for all skill levels.

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Would you like a live 'over the shoulder' walkthrough on how to get started with an online marketing campaign?

Care to watch an expert show you?

Well, you're in luck! Because this Friday, Jay (magistudios) is going to show you how to start your first online campaign from determining what to promote right to getting your first website online!

Join Jay (magistudios) this Friday where he will show you:

* What the heck to promote!?
* How to find a profitable keyword
* Setting Up Your First Website
* How to get People to Visit Your Website
* Writing Content that Sells
* Live Q & A Session.. Ask the expert in real time!

Be sure to attend this live WAbinar as the elements taught can help you earn your first online commission!

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Would you like to learn about your visitors behaviour?

How About the Percentage of Visitors that Landed on Certain Page for a Certain Keyword?

All this can be achieved within Google Analytics Goals and this Friday @5PM (Pacific), Jay will show you exactly how to set this up.

* Why Goals Are Important
* Which Goals You Should Set Up
* How to Set Up Goals
* Receive Email Alerts When A Goal is Achieved
* LIve Q &A

Do not miss this live training event as the info may help you with your conversions!

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This live training is associated to the Online Entrepreneur Certification - Ultimate Traffic Training (Level 2) and is a great companion to your online business training.

Without traffic you do not have people on your site.
Without people, you have no business.

Learn how to build an unlimited amount of traffic to your website by following these easy to understand techniques.

Join Jay (magistudios) this Friday, November 2nd at 5pm (Pacific) where he will walk you through the following:

  • Understanding Traffic
  • Research Expansion Techniques
  • Knowing what Content Search Engines Want
  • Pages vs. Posts
  • How to Benefit From Articles
  • Popular Sites for Getting Rankings
  • Speeding Up Your Ranking
  • Scaling Your Traffic
Regardless of your experience, it is recommended you attend this live training as there may be a small piece of info you absorb that can make a huge difference if your success.

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