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Hey everyone! I am Kyle and I have been educating people within the affiliate marketing / online business world since 2005. It has become my passion over the years to translate what I have learned as a successful online business owner into easy to understand process that you can then implement in your own businesses.One thing I have learned over the years is that you can \"never know enough\" about your own business. There is always something new to learn and I am an advocate and a proponent of daily education in your craft. The goal of my classes is to help shorten the success lifecycle across many skills that can advance your success within the online business world. I hope you love the training!
Insights into Efficiently Becoming an Expert in 2018
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This will officially be my second LIVE appearance in 15 years online, but in that 15 years I have learned a lot and I have a great deal of insight to share. If you can understand the process of speeding up the path to become a “niche expert”, you can speed up the pace in which you create an ultra-successful business online.

I am going to be showing you some of the “hidden” tactics and strategies I have been using for years to excel and succeed in ANY niche I want. I know you are going to love this!

25 days ago

Thanks Jay, and Kyle! I'm really enjoy the video that give a lots awesome details and especially the way that to teach some one how to be an expert. And engagements with the team to learn from some one who has more seniority or knowing better. I understand the every one who has got involved with new business with the blank, but it's base on the experience. I will be here in to this class in every friday with you guy from now on. Because I feel that so many things that I need to increase my experience. I gotta get going towards my target point. Thanks the "hidden" tactics and strategies to be succeeding in any Niche, I am really appreciated for both of Jay, and Kyle.

10 months ago

Thank you so much for all the info in this video here, lots to think about and learn from.

2 years ago

I definitely agree with what @MatissDzelve said in his message below. This training is as relevant today as it was 2 years ago when it was filmed! It actually confirmed something that I’ve been thinking about over the past few months which is: If 99.9% of the people who try to build an online business give up, then you just have to be part of the 0.01% that hangs in there in order to become successful - just by consistently plugging away at creating content and always keeping your ear to the ground In order to really understand what your target audience’s pain points are and the types of content they like to consume. Because of this, I decided that I would give it at least a year before I worry about how much money I’m bringing in. Then I’ll spend year 2 trying to scale it to a full time income. Thinking about it like this is how I will motivate myself to keep going. That and the fact that my mother said she’s counting on me to figure this stuff out so I can teach her. That way she can quit her super stressful corporate job with it’s killer 2hr/each way commute and work from home so she and my stepfather can maintain their current lifestyle once they retire. They got hit hard during the Great Recession as many hard working middle class families did so instead of being in good shape for retirement, they are faced with trying to make it solely on Social Security and my stepfather’s USMC retirement which is not even close to the kind of money that they earn while working. To make matters worse, they are already in their 60’s, so I made a promise to my parents and to myself that I would stick with this for a minimum of a year and a half because I know that if any one individual can do it, then so can another - IF they are willing to put in the work and stick with it while continuing to learn and grow. If you can just be persistent in your content creation and unwavering in your commitment to create value and HELP PEOPLE, then you’ll eventually MAKE IT HAPPEN through grit, determination, and the love of helping your fellow human beings. So cheers, @Kyle, for this inspiring video training! I just have to try and remember to rewatch it whenever I find myself feeling frustrated or wanting to throw in the towel before I’ve even had enough time to realistically find some measure of success. All the best, Allison

5 months ago

That was great, Consistency is the key, I will definitely be coming back to listen, to it again, that was a lot of nugget to take in but I realize that I have to continue creating content for my website. its all up to me as to where I go from here. Thank you.

2 years ago

I feel this is still so relevant in 2019. I loved this, it really took it home for me: "Work on your business as though you're working on your own legacy. Build your business in a way that you're proud of. And help people. Get out of your way to help people without any gain." Beyond words, I appreciate you, Kyle!

2 years ago

Thanks Kyle for the teaching