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Jay hosts weekly live video training events that are offered within the Premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate. Jay has vast experience in the Internet marketing world, from PPC, local marketing, content development, SEO, and website development (programming, wordpress, joomla, drupal). The weekly video training is an absolute necessity to skill development of online marketers and we are pleased to be able to offer this remarkable training solution.
Holiday Hot Seat!
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Let’s Ramp up your Online Campaigns with an Expert’s Eye!

This is an Extraordinary opportunity where your online business can get looked at by Jay to offer some constructive criticism. Past Hot Seat recipients have said this has helped them immensely!

If you'd like to be considered for the Holiday Hot Seat, fill out this request form: http://goo.gl/rNDkzo

Join Jay this Friday December 12th at 5pm Pacific where he will go through hot seat recipients' website and help them become successful!

6 years ago

Hi Jay! I have had a problem the past two sessions. I log on Go to Webinar and get an error message after I am on the site that the site has experienced technical difficulties. In both instances, I have tried for 30 minutes to enter the session, but to no avail. Any ideas? I have had no problems up to this point.

6 years ago

Like this ... Wishing more to come. Great job Jay!

6 years ago

If you do, I will help you design it, no charge, just for fun for me, my last name is BOOZER!

6 years ago

For the beer theme, I would use WILLOW THEME by Solo Pine Designs.

6 years ago

Thanks for reviewing my site Jay! Great tips!