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Hey my name is Clara
I am a simple lady by nature, i love to meet new friends and i love to learn and share feelings with my new friends. I'm easy going and sense of honor.

Ok, making decent headway in a week. That is encouraging. I find the community culture to be the best I have ever experienced. Super friendly and helpful. And the tools are fabulous. So very happy to be here.

I am a self employed, single mum. I want to establish new revenue streams whilst continuing to work from home. As a super sensitive person I like to avoid a lot of what the world has to offer. I manage my environment and naturally radiate towards big spaces with very clear energy fields. Hence why I live by the beach. What a tonic the ocean is.

I think the planet is in a disgraceful mess and that is due to corrupt governments hoarding resources and treating the people as cattle. All too tedious for words. I know it is all a private enterprise of corruption, but one wonders when the dam will burst on these maniacs running the planet.

I have a 9 year old boy, who is both joyful, and a relative handful these days. I own an aromatherapy brand for 24 years - Twelve Tribes Incense, and I am a professional astrologist. So I work in the whole health industry. The business landscape continues to evolve dramatically. Hence why I am here.

I am well travelled, extensively educated and pretty burned out on the whole circus of life. Give me the quiet life by the beach, with autonomous revenue streams and I am the happiest I could be. Regular airfares to tropical islands would also be a treat.

Seeking financial freedom and mobility from affiliate marketing; so I have to participate as little as possible in what I deem to be global madness. Just ready to get on with it.
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WLusink Premium
Hi Clara, welcome to WA.

WA is definitely the place to be for you to create / extend your online revenue streams.
I'd go through the Certification course (I'm now at the beginning of Course 3) because that's well worth your time. And fun to do as well, in my opinion.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. that's what we're here for: to help one another in our online endeavors :-)

WHearn Premium
Hi Clara. Thank you for following me. I totally agree with your sentiments of getting away to "big spaces with clear energy fields". In a way, that is kind of what we have here at WA. As you have pointed out, this community is the best. Good luck with your venture. Keep active in following the training, and I look forward to seeing your website and to reading your posts. Peace - William
julesnp Premium
Good day Clara,
Nice to meet you and I thank you for your follow. I am also following you now. You are so privileged to live by the sea and you sound like a very happy person which is wonderful. I wish you the very best in all of your projects.
Have a great day.
Your welcome
I saw your profile that caught my attention so I decide to connect with you and have you in my network of global minded friends. Remain bless and have a nice day. I will like to get to know you better.
GaryHorton Premium
Hi, Clara!

Welcome aboard. I'm convinced the internet is the greatest opportunity most of us will ever have to fulfill our potential.

You're at the right place at the right time to learn all you need to know to succeed in an internet business.

I look forward to your success,

Your welcome
I saw your profile that caught my attention so I decide to connect with you and have you in my network of global minded friends. Remain bless and have a nice day.
Hi Clara,

Welcome to the WA University (Open Learning Site). Remember to follow me here (The Dressage Husband). You can leave messages on my profile or Private Message me (if you would rather others can not see what you are asking). I will always try to respond quickly. My E Mail address to use is mailto:stephenjparkin@internetmarketingtdh.com.

The live chat feature is great so dive in and use it, do not be afraid to ask if you get stuck, there are no such thing as stupid questions, only the unasked ones!.

Have fun and make full use of the free service, you can and should upgrade later after you are making money. If you go for Premium now, then make sure you use it! all the tools you need are included. Hope to see you around a lot more.

Stephen J Parkin
The Dressage Husband
Thanks, i sent you an email