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June 09, 2018
I have not written or done anything in 2 weeks. My rank is down, my spirit has been down and my creativity is down. I've been in a funk, can I get a witness! Clueless what to write or if anyone will even read it. Sigh! So I decided to do something to get out of this funk. As a woman, I went for one thing I can control. I cut my hair, colored it then put on makeup, took a new profile picture. Satisfied and feeling better that at least I didn't look as old as I feel. So I put my camera s
Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone! This is the time of year I remember my father and the sacrifices his, the greatest generation, made to keep our country free! I'm proud to say he was a WWII USMC from the 1st Division and they fought in all the hotspots of the Pacific. From the bloody sands of Guadalcanal to Okinawa! So to all the survivors and their families I salute you❗ Hoorah! Glad bless you and thank you!
April 27, 2018
Can you all believe it's the end of April already!? Oh my, this year is flying! I have a question. Would you all mind giving me feedback on my new logo? I'll post it here. I'm kind of proud of it. Came up with it myself and used Canva to create it. What a great resource Canva is. If you haven't heard about Canva. Here is the link: Canva is great place to create!Also, want your opinion if I should add a tag line on my logo: The wise cat! ? That's all folks! Have a fantastic weekend eve
Phew!! I finally did it! My first business post done and published! So glad I finally got it done! So excited! It was tough but hopefully worth it! Have a great night all!! Cheerz, Tiger
To all my fellow newbies! Take advantage of all the support here and check out the ambassador club! Finding it is great way to not only introduce yourself and build up relationships. It's a great way to learn and meet more experienced marketers to help you grow. Learn, apply, teach, repeat!! To everyones success!! Cheerz, Tiger
Today it's all about my buddy, Li'l Bear! No matter the day or how it's going! He gives me cheer, comfort, companionship, exercise, fun and just great joy! He has been named the mayor of where I live by all he touches with his warmth and friendlinest! You will never ever meet a sweeter more lovable rescue in your life! I'm really not sure who rescued who??? He teaches me how to just live in the moment and be content with the simplest things like a daily bear hug! May your day be as blest
April 10, 2018
Woohoo! My page isn't done yet but with my new domain name! I got my first Google index! Yeah baby! I'm on the map! Now I need to finish and get ranked, seen and marketing! So exciting! WA Rocks!!!
April 09, 2018
Hi everyone, This is to all my followers! You have no idea how connecting so quickly with so many like minded motivated and successful people means to me! Seriously! It is great encouragement that I'm not out here talking to myself. Can feel that way at times behind a computer screen. Nice to know others do care and we can be on this journey together! Blessings and best wishes for great success to you all!! Cheerz,Tiger
March 31, 2018
Hi everyone and for those who celebrate it: Happy Easter! Can anyone believe it's the end of March! Wow! This year is moving! Level 2 is packed with info and finding all kinds of keyword ideas and domain names thanks to Jaxxy and Namemesh! Don't know what I'd do without this training or help of community! Thank you all and have a great weekend! Newbies, don't get discouraged! Be patient and just keep going through training! Eventually the light will come on! Cheerz all!
Step 1 done! Whoohoo, I finally finished Level 1 and moving on!! So excited and Kyle makes it look so easy!! WA, where have you been last few years!! I also want to thank all the encouragers! I really appreciate you all and thank you for following along! Means alot to me! Gracias!