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We have an unusually beautiful day today here in UK. This set the scene for a day of discovery.I didn’t set out to comment on websites today, however, I accidentally came across a domain name I didn’t understand. Naturally I was curious and decided to find out what it meant. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t an uncommon name, it simply happened that I had not heard it before.My curiosity led to what is going to become a lifetime discovery. You see, I suffer from what had bee
Two of my keywords are now showing up on first page of Yahoo and Bing and two more at the top of their second page! (Well at least where I live). Although these are not quite Google level, I feel so encouraged. I’m aware from the outset that my niche is quite competitive, however, I also believe my passion will prevail in time. The focus now is to do a little every day.My next step once I publish the content I’m currently working on, is to start doing reviews. Hopefully by the time
April 14, 2016
This short blog is to share my journey and some insights with those who are new here and hopefully, you may find it helpful.One of the things I'm painfully aware of (because I've done it a lot) is the search for excellence, which unfortunately results in procrastination. When I work with clients these days, one of the most common denominators of inaction is the desire to get everything to align perfectly before taking the next step. Nothing in life lines up perfectly. The road to success is pav
In my neighbourhood, there are 2 supermarkets and a couple of convenience stores dotted around and of course they do the job of providing convenience when one is in a hurry! I usually buy from one because it’s the largest of the bunch.A couple of weeks ago, I went up to the counter to ask the assistant/cashier a question about a particular item I wanted to purchase. At no point did this individual bother to look at me; he was busy watching something on his phone. I proceeded to buy a coup
March 29, 2016
I have heard of the menace of road rage but have never actually witnessed one until today. The aggressor was hell bent on either causing damage or injury and was prepared to stop at nothing.When he stepped out of his car and stood in the middle of the road raining abuse and expletives on his victim, he didn’t care in the world about the traffic build-up he was creating. Neither did he care about the example he was setting for the 3 very impressionable children in the back of his car.What
March 25, 2016
Two months ago today, I heard about Wealthy Affiliate for the first time. I was actually looking for Affilorama. I bumped into Kyle’s review of Affilorama – I spent ages reading not only the review but over 400 comments. You guessed it, I didn’t pursue my search of Affilorama; I ended up here! I signed up there and then for the free membership option. I have since signed up for the annual membership.So what did the two months dish out for me?Super loads! I have learned so much
I have come to the end of Course two and what a journey! In my last post I talked about peeling layers of onions and indeed that is what is has been. The more I am peeling the more I am seeing nuggets buried inside each layer.Reflecting back…I was musing about the start of this journey. Initially I was overwhelmed by information – what was immediately relevant and what could wait. Then I learned how to search for related topics from previous questions, and then asking questions and
February 23, 2016
The story so far…Mine has been a classic story of a mindset that was entrenched in unconscious incompetence about everything "techy", to gradually rise to the glistering conscious incompetence of attempting to build a website. That’s a result :-)! Mind you, I have a long way to go to get to unconscious competence but I am liking the journey. Lots of learning and great support along the way.I have now completed my website, written content for the three pages and my first blog! The b
At the end of my first week as a Premium member, I thought I have not made as much progress as I planned. I jumped from place to place because there was a lot to learn especially in finding the niche stage. However, I kind of missed the point of making the most of what I already do. I lost focus and discipline.I got bogged down in finding a niche, then registering a domain. The irony is that having got to the point where I was itching to build A WEBSITE, the hosting transfer got stuck in cybers
February 03, 2016
I wanted to share my initial experience here just over one week after hearing about Wealthy Affiliates for the first time. I was actually looking for Affilorama, which I had heard of and of course Kyle’s article (review of Affilorama) caught my eye. I read everything including question and answer that ensued and of course there were many. Two things stood out for me; Kyle’s painstaking attention to every single question and providing what appeared to me like unbiased answers. The se