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June 28, 2016
Everyone knows about the Law of Attraction. But there are several other Laws of the Universe that guide and determine everything with precision.Today I will talk briefly about the Law of Polarity, which states that everything has an opposite… it is equal and opposite. You cannot experience one without the other. If you place something three feet from the floor up on the table, it will be three feet from the table down to the floor.This is why when people say, think positive, it has to be
Near my home is a long stretch of rail lines, which are used by fast trains as well as local ones. Every so often, incidents occur along these lines resulting in loss of lives.I’ve often wondered what might drive someone to a point of jumping in front a fast train. I am not talking about isolated incidents here. Only a few days ago, we were stuck in a train for a long time because of one of these incidents.Some big cities often present impersonal environment where even neighbours seldom k
Here in the south of the UK, we have been experiencing unprecedented rain storms throughout this month so far. Since yesterday, the storms have been pretty bad and this morning, commuters were caught in a total meltdown of the transport system. Serious chaos abound. I was caught up in it too. A 35 minute journey took me 2¾ hours this morning. It was frustrating but I didn’t feel frustrated. Persevering and taking 5 different transport systems including my legs got me to my destina
June 19, 2016
I saw this poem and couldn't resist sharing it and greeting all FATHERS here. Happy Fathers Day and may your days continue to be joyful and fulfilled :)F.A.T.H.E.R.S. "F" aithful. "A" lways there. "T" rustworthy. "H" onoring. "E" ver-loving. "R" ighteous. "S" upportive. Author Unknown
When I was younger, I used to have several cats because I adored them of course. The only time I could separate from my cats was during schools hours. Then everything changed.As I was getting older, I noticed blotches on my skin and lots of itching, which the doctors diagnosed as allergies but could not specify the cause. To fast forward, my system became completely intolerant of cats (the dander). Worst still, I would start whizzing if I sat close to a cat for more than 5 minutes.It didn&rsquo
Everybody makes assumptions about one thing or another at some point in their lives. But have you wrongly assumed something and either miss out because of it or regretted making one in the first place?Here in the UK, yesterday was late spring bank holiday and traditionally there are lots of gardening related activities going on, among other things of course. I had been to the garden centre and was loading up my car boot with the stuff I purchased when a tall, beautiful blond woman walked past m
I came across this quote from Earl Nightingale, the father of personal development and it reminds me the reason why many of us are here - to own our own career. Enjoy!
May 25, 2016
I came across some notes I took years ago on a course, which were extolling the virtues of smiling. It is such a powerful reminder of something everyone possesses in infinite quantities but few use it freely - a smile!My notes read: a smile warms up people, sells confidence & success and glows within. It also breathes curiosity. SMILE = MONEY! A miserable salesperson will not attract sales and if s/he does, there's unlikely to be repeat sales. Smile is positive energy. When we smile as we p
There are moments when doubts, frustration, need to procrastinate tend to surface and this is the time I remember my REASON for doing what I do. I thought I share this little quote, it does give me encouragement and perspective.Have an awesome weekend!Chuka
In recent months, I have read a number of articles that threw cold water on Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) for a variety of reasons. Personally, because I am interested in promoting multiple income streams, I do not condemn any source but like to weigh the pros and cons.I have a MLM business, which is going quite well. I am also aware of some MLM outfits that are less than authentic and their ethics are questionable.I am in the throes of reviewing a number of MLM businesses and would like to reach