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September 11, 2016
Age of emails and text messaging, REALLY!I was recently doing a course on personal effectiveness and the issue of emails and text messages came up.Do your emails and text messages dictate how you use your time or are you the boss?Life is fast these days and everything is instant, including gratification. People expect responses immediately. Not to mention text messaging ‘addiction’. Most people check their messages as soon as they hear the alert, irrespective of what they are doing.
September 09, 2016
Thoughts are ThingsI hold it true that thoughts are things;They’re endowed with bodies and breath and wings:And that we send them forth to fillThe world with good results of ill.That which we call our secret thoughtSpeeds forth to earth’s remotest spot,Leaving its blessings or its woesLike tracks behind it as it goes.We build our future, thought by thought,For good or ill, yet know it not.Yet so the universe is wrought.Thought is another name for fate;Choose then thy destiny and wai
September 07, 2016
It’s unusual for me to feel lethargic and that’s how I feel today. I felt guilty that I wasn't staying focused and being productive. While I was reading, I came across this quote, which made me loosen and lighten up.It's a hot day here in the south of UK. The bright sunshine is great but the heat saps energy. Despite that, I love it! Just letting go and resting up :)Have a wonderful Wednesday!
September 05, 2016
Until 1995 when Daniel Goleman brought this notion into prominence, IQ was the popular tool used to separate the top echelons of the human population from the less intellectually endowed. But the eminence of Emotional Intelligence has turned everything on its head.So What’s Emotional Intelligence?It is the ability to be aware of and manage our emotions.Goleman identified 5 key elements that make up Emotional Intelligence:Self-awareness – knowing yourself and how you express your emo
September 03, 2016
We all dream and fantasise. They place us momentarily in the world we would rather Be than the world we currently are in. Somehow it’s an escape. It can also become REALITY.Deadlines bring these dreams and fantasies one step closer to reality. Without a deadline, there is no goal.So what follows when we set out goals? ACTION!Have a wonderful weekend friends and SWEET Dreams!
August 31, 2016
When was the last time you procrastinated on anything?Procrastination is a behaviour. But over time, people turn it into an identity and then it doesn’t look like they have a choice. They personify it even. I AM A PROCRASTINATOR! Really…We then decorate this behaviour like it is who we are. FALSE.This is not who we are. It is a behaviour that can be changed. I used to hate getting up early. I created excuses for alibis but I knew I had to break the pattern. Now I'm a lot more produ
August 29, 2016
There is no oak tree in an acorn but it has the patterned plan to become one.Everything is governed by a basic law – either create or disintegrate. If we are not creating, we are disintegrating because nothing stays still – everything is in constant motion.If the acorn is removed from the earth and therefore not in the process of growing, it must by law die. When it’s planted in the earth, it has all the potential there to grow into an oak tree: the energy of the earththe air,
August 27, 2016
This is not about the book, but it came to my mind yesterday.In my coaching world, I needed to go through some rigorous assessments to gain further qualifications in my area of interest. I had to do the final assessment but the choice of dates rested with individuals.This was one of those classic cases where procrastination becomes a valuable ally. This is because several things had to happen and be in place for a successful assessment to be had. I didn’t think I was read
Thank you!When I joined WA 7 months ago to the day, I had no interest in the ranking here and to a large degree, I still don’t. My interest is in learning, interacting and helping out.I’m honoured that over 1,200 amazing people are following me. I am following just over 1,500 awesome people and wow, I feel I have grown. I’ve seriously got the rhythm…I login everyday looking forward to my learning opportunity. The more I learn, the more I impart to people I work with in
August 23, 2016
We’re all here and in business for one reason – SUCCESS. When we succeed in business, it translates to our personal life.When personal life is good, the mind is calm and clear – business flows. That’s the theory!In reality, many of us are busy. In our “busy-ness” the business suffers, so do relationships and so do bank accounts. I know because I’ve been there. Once upon a time, I was so busy that I forgot how to live. I spent a lot of the money I made t