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Happy Friday everyone, here is week 17 of this series :-) The days in the list below are for next week (week commencing 19th October 2020). If you need a reminder of the three days remaining this week, please click here.Monday 19th October - Evaluate Your life DayTuesday 20th October - Tuesday Treat (AND DianeScorpio's Wedding!!!!)Wednesday 21st October - Apple DayThursday 22nd October - Smart Is Cool DayFriday 23rd October - Fan FridaySaturday 24th October - Make a Difference DaySunday 25th Oc
Just a quick one to let you know what is happening, a lot of members are unable to access the Wealthy Affiliate platform today, as the main Wealthy Affiliate Wildcard SSL Certificate has Expired.This is causing an error message to be displayed when accessing the WA Platform, similar to the one belowIt looks as if SiteSupport have now issued a Lets Encrypt Standard SSL Certificate for the Members Area, but there are still issues with some of the integration's with 3rd party services.I am sure Si
October 10, 2020
A nice quick and simple blog post today :-)A few members have asked how to create the cover image for their WA Blog, if they want to personlise it, rather than just using a free image.My answer every time is, CanvaIt's free and extremely easy to use.The next question they ask is, what size should I create the cover image.Well, hopefully my cover image above answers this one ;-)WA actually display the cover images as 545 x 200, but this size is too small to upload, so I double these dimensions t
It has just come across my desk today that the WP Bakery Page Builder Plugin Vulnerability That Affects Millions of Sites has now been Resolved, but you MUST Update your plugin to at least version 6.4.1To cut a long story short, researchers found a vulnerability within WP Bakery Page Builder that allowed attackers to inject malicious JavaScript (JS) into pages/posts. This vulnerability allowed the attacker to inject code into pages/posts that then attacked your site visitors browsers.This parti
Time flies when you're having fun, it only feels like yesterday that I published last weeks ideas, and here we are with week 16 today :-) The days in the list below are for next week (week commencing 12th October 2020). If you would like a reminder for three days remaining this week, please click here.Monday 12th October - Monday MotivationTuesday 13th October - Face Your Fears DayWednesday 14th October - Dessert DayThursday 15th October - Handwashing DayFriday 16th October - World Food DaySatu
Happy Wednesday All :-)I noticed that mine and my clients sites updated overnight, as we utilise an automated updating system that also checks for visual changes after any updates, and I am happy to report that there were zero visual changes to all sites :-)What Updated?So what was updated overnight? Well, the headline of this post kind of gives it away!That's right, our famous and much loved GeneratePress theme has been updated to Version 3So I went on the hunt to find what was included, and a
Good Saturday WAmily, I hope you are all having an awesome weekend :-)If you have been following the Social Media Content Ideas series, you will know that today is Techies Day!I am actually, therefore, taking a break from WA today to recoup the batteries ;-)However, I did not want to go without giving a quick shout-out to SiteSupport & Carson, here at WA.As we all know, Carson is the main techie guy here at WA, busy working behind the scenes, so I hope he is also taking today off to re-coup
Without further ado, please find the 15th week of the series below :-) The days listed below are for next week (week commencing 5th October 2020). If you would like a reminder for three days remaining this week, please click here.Monday 5th October - Bullying Prevention DayTuesday 6th October - Pizza MonthWednesday 7th October - Wishing WednesdayThursday 8th October - World Octopus DayFriday 9th October - World Egg DaySaturday 10th October - World Mental Health DaySunday 11th October - Selfless
September 30, 2020
If you have been following my weekly Social Media Content Ideas, you will know that today is Ask A Stupid Question DaySo here goes, we all know that every question is a good question, however, if you have that one question that you really do feel is "stupid", today is the day to ask it, and you don't have to feel bad about it.Feel free to ask away and get that question off your chest :-)Remember to mark your question as "Yes" to "Need Community Help?" so that your question gets put in front of
First of all, an apology that this was not posted sooner, I hope it doesn't affect your planning and scheduling for this coming week. Please find the 14th week of the series below :-) The days listed below are for next week (week commencing 28th September 2020). If you need a reminder for today, you can click here.Monday 28th September - Family DayTuesday 29th September - World Heart DayWednesday 30th September - Ask A Stupid Question DayThursday 1st October - International Coffee DayFriday 2nd