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Well, the website revamp is going fine.Over the last 2 weeks things are taking shape again and I have also gone back through the training courses...It is amazing what you miss the first time around.Hopefully soon I will be back on track and getting organic traffic as I was before :)Thanks to all of those who have helped me along the way, I am very grateful!Chris
When I go to the structured date menu on my Webmaster tools I have the following readings!!How do i fix these errors? When I click onto each one separately... I get a lot of behind the scenes information .. and I cannot actually determine what the errors are... and there are 7 ...Any ideas anyone?ThanksChris
I have been busy on my site in the last couple of weeks... and some of you may know I am having to go through a complete re-vamp.With all this going on I have been put a little behind schedule when it comes to talking to all of you out there and I have not been getting involved as much as I normally do.I just wanted to share though, that a few days ago, (and bear in mind I am not promoting WA at all) that i got my first WA referral sign up to premium.I woke up that morning to a lovely mail from
March 05, 2016
I'm cruising at a nice pace and found myself sitting in the Top 200 in the WA rankings this morning...I guess i am very active in the community although I don't realize it sometimes. My priority of course is working on my website but it is always nice to help out and be in touch with all of you out there :)So look out you Ambassadors... i'm coming for you :)Have a great day all :)Chris
March 05, 2016
The amount of people following me is not something i normally look at,... although i do always appreciate being followed and following you all back in return.It is great to have a reach out in the community and it is always a pleasure catching up with you all...For some reason it caught my eye that i have exactly 1400 followers here in WA... i did not realize i was so important lol .. or am i being big headed? haha!!Anyway .. just wanted to thank you all for your follows and your continued supp
Hi all .. A couple of days ago I put a question here as to whether it was necessary to have a contact me page... as there are comment boxes are all over my site for people to leave their thoughts and my email address is on my about me page should anyone choose to use this.The general idea I received back was that it was a good idea to have one and Google 'likes' it :)So I made one!!!Do any of you mind taking a look and seeing what you think? is it cr*p? is it ok? changes blah blah blah :)Thanks
February 27, 2016
Hi all ... well a week has gone by since i learned my website would need a complete rebuild.I am lucky in a way as a lot of the information I have been able to pull off my old site in the archives.As i say it is only a week but more is going to be happening in the days and weeks ahead... id appreciate any of you passing by to let me know how you think i am doing.Thanks :)
February 23, 2016
AAhh well .. after having a break for a few months .. I have returned.. and after speaking to support and Kyle... they were unable to restore my website after such a long time away.However, my thanks go to Kyle and to the Support Team for doing their very best to help me.. and Kyle managed to give me a link to recover a lot of my information.So .. it is back to square one.. with a better knowledge in mind.. and from yesterday I started to lay the foundations to rebuild my site from fresh.Some o
February 16, 2016
I wanted to write this, as over the last few days I have seen a lot of questions arising as to why people are not ranked in Google, plus further questions with reference to SEO techniques and how long it will be before they start seeing hundreds of dollars rolling in...Now i have aimed this blog at the starter members.. as when these questions have arisen I have gone on to check personal profiles.. and they have been from Starter Members who have been here at WA a very short time.. sometimes a
February 08, 2016
Well.. I have had some good news today to say my website can be recovered in full after quite a lengthy absence from WA... not my choice .. but sometimes life can throw hurdles at you...Anyways... while I have been waiting for the support department to work their magic .. I have taken it upon myself to go through all the training modules again.. just as a refresher.The first time around i thought i had learned a hell of a lot.. and developed a nice website with all the fixtures as a result.. bu