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December 09, 2016
Back in the Top 200 once more :)
A question on ALT ATTRIBUTE for IMAGES!!!I have ran a test on to ascertain some stats on the workings of my site..I have managed to fix a lot of the issues I had but I have one statistic stating the following!!You can see it says I have 26 Images without an ALT Attribute..It also say I have 39 Images on my site.. where is is more like 150 .. Now I have been through every post and page on my site.. of which there are many .. and every image has been done .. all with alt attribute
If you look at the picture.. can someone tell my why out of all the URLs submitted for indexing, only half of them are actually indexed? How do I rectify this?I can understand not all of them being seen, but a couple of hundred is a lot isnt it?Id appreciate any advice on this!ThanksChris
Hi all .. I had to ask this in a blog as i wanted to post it with a photo so people can see what I am talking about.I have been looking into my analytics and was nicely surprised to see some traffic coming my way... Unfortunately it was cut short because as always, it always has a negative right? lolTake a look here!The far left list is the so called keywords people have searched for.. but I do not see this as possible. It is taken from my acquisition page under Organic Trafficyou can see there
This morning I had some updates become available on my Wordpress and one of them was the theme?Has anyone else had the same?I was just worried if i go ahead with it if it will mess something up? Here is the screenshot with the details and it mentions using a Child Theme for modifications..Advice anyone?ThanksChris
April 08, 2016
Well .. Living in Greece certainly has its perks.. there is the sun and beaches of course all there to be enjoyed. The many bars and restaurants start to fill up with tourists and all the fun begins... Unless you have to work.Well.. my vacations are over for the winter and in the next days my summer work will again start. This means lots of running around in the heat with very little in the way of time off.I just need to stay focused and keep my eye on the development here. My site is still imp
I had to write this as a blog as I wanted to add an image for clarity, although it is a question really...Look at the image below!!This is a screenshot from my posts menu in WP ... now across on the right you can seeSEO Title SEO Description and SEO Keywords..When doing the certification courses it is never mentioned that these need to be utilized. So I have never looked at them for any of my pages or posts!Should they be filled in ? or can the be left alone?Anyone any ideas on what is need
I know a lot of us add people left right and center from WA to our G+.. and with this habit .. now and again someone sneaks in to annoy you throughout the day...Well i took so much until i told him to p*ss off lol .... For some reason i added this clown to my circles as someone from WA.. but I do not know 100% sure where he came from...His link is below.. so if anyone else out there has had the misfortune to accidentally add him .. you can use this to delete him again!!Anyone else been receivin
March 22, 2016
Well I can honestly say I am quite pleased with myself.I got up this morning and see I have been ranked here within WA at 87.To be honest I was under the impression there was work going on behind the scenes here as I do not think the Rank changed over a period of 4 or 5 days.. so maybe some updates might be coming our way :)Well... Top 100 now,, so heres to me keeping it going :)Thanks everyone... have a great day!Chris
I just wanted to take a moment to thank everybody for taking the time to leave the comments on my website so far.Some of you know I am doing a revamp of my site.. but in just over 2 weeks.... nearly 200 comments is bloody nice :)I am working very hard to get my site back to what it was and your help out there really goes a long way.I am most grateful, and as always I will continue to leave comments for all of you out there too.Thanks again!Chris