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New Beginnings are everywhere I look today! There is a brand new glorious sunrise! The crocus are bursting forth in bloom! These are the first crocus of the season I saw on my walk a few days ago! And then we had more snow, lol, but only a dusting! The trees are budding! The animals are scurrying around as they are enjoying the warming weather! It is the season of New Life, it is the Cycle of Life. It is the Circle of Love! In the picture above you see the first flowers of the season coming f
April 04, 2015
Passover commemorates our Jewish friends Exodus from Egypt! And their transition from slaves to freedom! Morris Joseph was an English Rabbi! I think it is so marvelous and so wondrous that so many special events have lined up this weekend -The Passover Celebration, The Resurrection Celebration and The Third Blood Moon! It is a very special weekend and time of the Celebration of the Love of God that is, in my opinion, being heralded even in the Heavenlies! Have a Blessed Passover
When I was driving truck over the road I used to see this site quite frequently! Three crosses and each time I saw them they looked exactly the same! I mean it is not like I had never seen such a sight, but as I would see them in state after state and all exactly the same I knew there had to be a story behind them! I used to collect postcards of the places I saw as I drove and one day I came across a postcard that introduced me to Bernard Coffindaffer! Bernard was born in 1925, he became an or
March 30, 2015
At this moment in time Dom is in first place in the competition to be featured on He shares about it in his post here! I am so proud of our WA team that helped to post and spread the word! If you haven't yet voted, today is the last day so vote and let's keep him in first place. You can vote here:
March 29, 2015
This week many of us are thinking about Love! Many of us have felt that we were led here to WA because of that Love! Love is the foundation of all! And that is what many people forget! Even here at WA it is taught that if our focus is not in the proper priority of working to meet a need in helping others, success will most likely elude us! That is the truth of the Law of Love! Give and it shall be given! This universe is a gift of Love, a gift of that giving. Love that continues to per
March 27, 2015
It has been a challenging week and yet a rewarding week! It has been challenging as I have been involved trying to be there for others who are going through some very difficult times. It has been rewarding in seeing the budding of answers to prayers! Yet it is hard sometimes when you are trying to help others who struggle so hard to be able to believe things will work out and whose words are so full of negativity! So while today will be a work day as I try to accomplish what didn't get comp
March 27, 2015
DomW is one our wonderful members who currently is in the running to get featured on He needs our support and help! So please read his post which will explain further and Vote For Him!
March 25, 2015
I know sometimes people need a pick me up during the week! Well I read a post by Werner the other day that had me laughing out loud! A long time ago there was a show called Kids Say The Darndest Things, which originated with Art Linkletter. His post reminded me of just how funny the things children come out with can be! So if you need a smile and a laugh or a pick me up, I encourage you to check out Werner's post In The Mind Of A Child
March 23, 2015
A New Week! A New Start!
March 22, 2015
Have you been feeling like a caterpillar? Like you are crawling around on the ground and having the dirt kicked in your face by life's circumstances? I have read quite a few posts of members going through challenging times that are apt to make one feel just this way! I have observed over the years that when people are in those challenging times: WELL I BELIEVE SO REMEMBER Have A Blessed Evening!